Red Shakes – Doubt

Red Shakes, a rising band hailing from Bradford, has already made a significant impact in the music scene with their catchy and upbeat sound. Their latest track, “Doubt,” is a testament to their talent, with a chorus that will linger in your mind long after you hear it for the first time.

The song is a perfect blend of indie rock and pop, with a driving beat and infectious energy that will have you tapping your foot and bobbing your head in no time.

“Doubt” is a feel-good track that exudes positivity, making it a perfect mood booster for those days when you need a little extra pep in your step.

The chorus is particularly irresistible, with its catchy melody and sing-along-worthy lyrics. You’ll find yourself humming or singing “When in doubt, when in doubt” long after the song has ended.

Neil Cake – Everything Good & Nothing Bad

Neil Cake, a talented home producer from Manchester, has crafted a truly impressive piece of music with his latest track “Everything Good & Nothing Bad.” What began as a simple jam session with friends evolved into a sprawling six-minute song that showcases Neil’s exceptional technical skills and creativity.

The track is an incredible display of guitar wizardry, featuring a wide range of effects that blend together seamlessly to create a powerful and cohesive sound. But that’s not all; Neil also adds in a banjo track that provides a unique flavour to the song and makes it stand out even more.

What really sets “Everything Good & Nothing Bad” apart, though, is the addition of some personal touches that give the track a lot of heart. Neil’s young daughter reads out some of her work, adding a charming and whimsical element to the song.

The Lonely Together – Don’t Ask Don’t Get

Edinburgh’s The Lonely Together’s new track ‘Don’t ask don’t get’ is a beautifully crafted piece of music that perfectly blends melancholy lyrics with a soft, upbeat progression. From the moment the song begins, you’re transported to a world of dreamy, introspective soundscapes that invite you to reflect on your own emotions and experiences.

Despite its melancholy tone, the song’s instrumentation and rhythm are undeniably catchy The band has clearly put a lot of care and attention into crafting each element of the song, from the delicate guitar riffs to the haunting vocals that drift above the mix.

Overall, this is a fantastic new release from a band that knows how to create music that speaks to the heart. Whether you’re looking for a thoughtful, introspective listen or just a great song to sing along to, this track is well worth your time.

Marples – I’ve Been Shown

Marples, a band hailing from the bustling music scene of Sheffield, have just released their latest single, “I’ve been Shown.” The track is a testament to the band’s growing artistry and creativity, and builds on the success of their 2022 EP.

From the outset, the song’s impressive melody hooks you in, and stays with you long after the track has ended. The musicianship on display is tightly woven together, demonstrating the band’s musical maturity and their ability to craft cohesive and memorable songs.

With this release, the Marples have firmly established themselves as one of the rising stars of the Sheffield music scene, and are poised to make a significant impact in the years to come. With their unique sound and growing fan-base, it’s clear that the Marples are a band to watch out for.

Another Day – A Sticky Situation

The latest release from Another Day is a high-energy track that draws inspiration from 90’s punk while adding a distinct rockabilly flair to the mix.

The rhythm section provides a solid foundation for the aggressive vocals, while the lead guitar line delivers a punchy and unique sound that’s reminiscent of rockabilly.

The guitar solo is particularly impressive, showcasing the player’s technical skill and adding an extra layer of excitement to the track. Overall, ‘A Sticky Situation’ is a fantastic addition to Another Day’s catalogue and is sure to become a live favourite for fans of punk and rock music alike.