PerfectParachutePicture ‘White Noise’

“White Noise” is a fantastic new release from one of Sheffield’s most promising up-and-coming bands Perfect Parachute Picture. The song opens with a dynamic and engaging riff that sets the tone for the entire track, instantly drawing the listener in. The vocal performance is equally impressive, with a powerful delivery that perfectly matches the intensity of the instrumentation. The chorus is particularly memorable, with an anthemic quality that begs to be shouted out loud.

 “White Noise” showcases the band’s impressive songwriting skills and musical talent. It’s a great example of their ability to blend catchy hooks and infectious melodies with a raw, energetic sound that’s sure to please fans of alternative rock. The production is top-notch, with a crisp and clean mix that allows each element to shine through. It’s a track that’s destined to become a fan favourite and a must-hear for anyone who loves great rock music.

In conclusion, “White Noise” is an impressive release from a band with a bright future ahead of them. If this track is any indication, we can expect to hear great things from them in the coming years. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a fresh take on alternative rock with a great energy and memorable hooks.

Polygamy – Fathers Day

“Father’s Day” is a powerful and emotionally resonant new release from Polygamy that addresses the difficult subject of loss with honesty and heart. The song’s lyrics are deeply introspective, touching on the universal experience of grief in a way that feels both personal and relatable. The distorted lead guitar brings a sense of rawness to the track, creating an atmosphere that perfectly complements the weight of the subject matter.

The artist’s vocal performance is exceptional, delivering each line with a heartfelt sincerity that is impossible to ignore. The production is excellent throughout, it’s not the cleanest mix out there but it somehow makes the track feel emotional, almost uncomfortable just like you would if you were talking to somebody in person about losing a loved one, and whether that was artistic choice or accidental, IT WORKS !  

Overall, “Father’s Day” is a standout release that showcases the artist’s songwriting skill and musical talent. It’s a track that speaks to the universal experience of loss while remaining deeply personal and intimate. An unforgettable listening experience. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a powerful and poignant new release.

Pylon Poets – In The End

“In The End” is a powerful and introspective new release that addresses the important issue of mental health with honesty and emotion. The song’s message is particularly prominent in the chorus, where the lyrics are full of depth and raw emotion. Despite the weight of the subject matter, the melody of the music remains upbeat and energetic, making it impossible not to nod your head along to the beat.

The artist’s vocal performance is exceptional, conveying a sense of vulnerability and pain that is palpable throughout the track. The lyrics are deeply personal and introspective, touching on the struggles of dealing with mental health issues in a way that feels both relatable and deeply moving. The production is top-notch, with a polished mix that perfectly balances each element of the track.

Overall, “In The End” is an exceptional release that tackles an important issue with sensitivity and skill. The upbeat melody of the music makes it a standout track that’s sure to resonate with a wide range of listeners, while the powerful message of the lyrics will touch anyone who has struggled with mental health issues. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a powerful and emotionally resonant new release.

Gathering Of Strangers – Thunder 

“Thunder” is an outstanding new release from Gathering Of Strangers that showcases the exceptional vocal talent of this band. The lead singer’s voice is nothing short of mesmerising, with a range and power that is simply breathtaking. It’s a

wonder how this band is not already dominating radio stations across the globe.

The song’s catchy chorus is just one highlight of a track that is beautifully mixed and expertly arranged. The instrumentation is top-notch, with each element perfectly balanced to allow the vocals to take centre stage. The result is a track that is both powerful and atmospheric, with a sense of urgency that keeps you hooked from start to finish.

Overall, “Thunder” is a standout release that is sure to make a lasting impression on anyone who listens. If you’re new to this band, this song is the perfect introduction, with a catchy chorus and beautifully mixed instrumentation that will leave you wanting more. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a fresh take on rock music with exceptional vocals and expert production.

Giorgia Bortoli – Spellbound

“Spellbound” is a fun and infectious new pop release that spreads positivity and self-love with every beat. From the bouncy melody to the uplifting lyrics, this track is a celebration of being yourself and not caring what anyone else thinks. It’s the perfect song to let your hair down and dance like everybody is watching, because who cares you are your best you! 

Giorgia’s vocal performance is exceptional, delivering each line with a sense of confidence and joy that is impossible not to feel. The lyrics are empowering and uplifting, reminding listeners that they are worthy and deserving of love and acceptance. The production is polished and expertly arranged, with a catchy beat and infectious hooks that will have you singing along in no time.

Overall, “Spellbound” is a feel-good anthem that is sure to lift your spirits and put a smile on your face. It’s a great reminder to be yourself and embrace your unique qualities, no matter what anyone else thinks. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a fun and positive new pop release.