harri larkin


Harri Larkin – Dopamine 

What can I say about Harri Larkin that has not already been said in these last few weeks? Unless you’ve been living under a rock in Sheffield Harri Larkin is a name that is been talked about in venues across the City. 

The trio’s most recent ‘Dopamine’ release combines exceptional instrumentals with a lead singer who delivers powerful vocals. Harri Larkin’s skilful arrangements create a captivating soundscape, featuring intricate melodies and rhythmic precision.

The lead singer’s commanding voice brings the lyrics to life with intense emotion and impressive range. This song solidifies the band’s growing popularity and leaves listeners eagerly awaiting their next masterpiece.

InRetrospect – DREAM AWAKE

This song is a testament to pushing genres to the boundaries. ‘DREAM AWAKE’ flawlessly combines various elements, including metal vocals, a captivating rapping verse, and an anthemic chorus that will have you raising your hands high and singing along.

The expertly crafted instrumentals further enhance the track, showcasing the band’s exceptional musicianship.

The lyrics of this song revolve around the issues of mental health and the internal struggles we face. The contrasting vocal delivery throughout the track effectively captures the multifaceted nature of mental health.

It serves as a poignant representation of the different faces and emotions one experiences when fighting with their inner self.

Lightning Threads – THE PREACHER (Out 2nd June)

Lightning Threads, a Sheffield-based Blues rock trio, have just released their new single, ‘THE PREACHER,’ giving us a taste of what’s to come on their forthcoming album.

If this track is any indication, these talented musicians are bound to make a significant impact in the music scene.

‘THE PREACHER’ is a modern blues song that effortlessly combines tasty blues licks, catchy lyrics, and an irresistible baseline that will have you pulling your best bass face. It stands proudly among the giants of the genre, showcasing The Lightning Threads’ immense potential and leaving listeners eagerly anticipating their debut album.

The Hostels – Not My Type 

The Hostels latest track, ‘Not My Type’ , effortlessly captures the essence of classic indie anthems while injecting it with a modern charm.

With a captivating chorus that hooks you instantly and a clever mix of vocal tempos, the song delivers an irresistible and memorable experience.

From the opening notes, ‘Not My Type’ exudes an infectious energy that transports listeners back to the golden era of indie music.

The guitar hooks, pulsating bass-line, and driving drums create a nostalgic backdrop for the relatable lyrics and catchy melodies that define the chorus. It’s a perfect blend of old and new, destined to become an anthem for indie fans worldwide.

Blunden – Out Of Luck, Out Of Love  (Out 15th June)

‘Out Of Luck, Out Of Love’ by Blunden is a mesmerising alt-rock blues track that takes listeners on a captivating sonic adventure. With an infectious bass-line, well-paced structure, and a mind-bending psychedelic solo, this song transports you to the stratosphere and beyond.

This song hooks you with its irresistible bass-line, effortlessly blending alt-rock and blues influences. The track’s pacing is expertly crafted, building momentum gradually and immersing you in its sonic landscape.

A standout moment arises with a captivating psychedelic solo that adds depth and wonder to the composition.

The vocals exude a raw and soulful quality that complements the alt-rock blues vibe, while the lyrics carry poetic weight, allowing for personal interpretation. The production quality is top-notch, capturing the energy of a live performance and enhancing the authenticity of the track.