The Banquets


Strawberry Lemonade – You Told Me

Inspired by the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, and Harry Styles, Manchester-based Strawberry Lemonade has cultivated their youthful and energetic indie rock sound over recent years. 

‘You Told Me’ is the 4-piece’s latest release, which features their signature combination of punchy drum lines and driving electric guitars. Touching on themes of betrayal and deceit, the hard-hitting nature of the track is complimented by lead singer Cal Walsh’s gritty Northern vocals. Despite only being the band’s fourth release to date, ‘You Told Me’ showcases Strawberry Lemonade’s carefully-crafted artistry. 

LVT – I’m Done

Singer-rapper-songwriter LVT returns with unapologetic new single ‘I’m Done’. The track offers a promising taste of what to expect from the Zimbabwe-born polymath’s upcoming EP ‘Soaring High On Eagles Wings’.

At is core, ‘I’m Done’ is an anthem of female empowerment. Centring around the emotionally turbulent process of leaving a toxic relationship, the track celebrates personal growth and knowing your worth. LVT’s soulful vocals take centre stage, complimented by a mixture of acoustic and electronic instrumentation.

With a sound reminiscent of TLC and Destiny’s Child, LVT’s new single is bound to impress fans of ‘90s and early ‘00s R&B, as well as anyone looking for some unapologetic self-assurance in the aftermath of a breakup.

The Banquets – Cold War ( out 6th June)

With six scheduled releases and a 4-city tour in anticipation of their forthcoming EP, 2023 is set to be a busy year for The Banquets. ‘Cold War’ is the band’s most recent offering and serves to highlight their genre-busting fusion of indie, rock, and country music. 

Laidback guitar melodies and foot-tapping beats create a seemingly ironic background to the track’s scathing lyricism. Like much of the band’s previous work, ‘Cold War’ is a quasi-political anthem, with thought-provoking metaphors alluding to the bleak state of human society.

While the overall soundtrack seems to be a deviation from the band’s usually boisterous energy, it serves to highlight The Banquets’ ever-growing versatility in both their production and songwriting.

The Banquets

Magnetic Skies – Suffocate

Since their formation in 2019, Magnetic Skies have taken the synth-pop scene by storm. New track ‘Suffocate’ showcases the band’s usual masterfully-crafted synth production but with the addition of a darker energy than previous work.

Jangly guitar riffs open the track, followed by the introduction of deceptively dreamy synths and lead singer Simon Kent’s vocals describing the breakdown of a once idyllic relationship. Dark and almost haunting production cleverly compliments the overwhelming sense of desperation and longing which seems to pervade the record.

With fervid energy created by strategically layered production, ‘Suffocate’ offers an enticing taste of what to expect from Magnetic Skies’ forthcoming debut album ‘Empire Falling’ set for release in Autumn. 

Revivalry – Homesick

After making waves across the indie scene, Cleethorpes’s own teenage rock band Revivalry return with their latest record ‘Homesick’. 

‘Homesick’ compliments former track ‘Legions’ in providing a more mature sound to Revivalry’s evolving artistry. Showcasing heavy rock-inspired instrumentation and the youngsters’ impressive vocal range, the new track speaks to the diversity of the trio’s talents.

While it would be great to hear more of the band’s songwriting skills, with lyrics feeling secondary to overpowering production at times, this is understandable as the band experiment and find their own sound. Overall, ‘Homesick’ is a testament to Revivalry’s boundless potential and secures them as a notable upcoming name in rock’n’roll.


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