Spill – Sirens

A glorious, classic southern english vocal on a luscious track which defies genre. I can’t place this anywhere and cannot really compare anything to it. A really unique and one of a kind sort of sound created by Spill. 

Hailing from Brighton, Spill have seen success recently with major radio attention and it’s clear to see why. This song is just so out-there and sort of otherworldly. The blend of melodicism and the understanding of the correct harmony to put behind everything has been executed perfectly. 

Such a slick track with great guitar tones, airy synths and a really ethereal vocal. This song is honestly a dream to be reviewing as a writer because it’s so relaxing that I can just listen as I work and not become distracted. If you’re looking for some easy listening this week and beyond, definitely check out ‘Sirens’ by Spill. 

Polygamy – My House 

Polygamy, is a Manchester band doing something quite different from other acts on the scene. Heavily synth-based music with a toe-tapping backbeat. Released on 17th November this track is for those of a very refined taste. 

‘My House is a track that I feel could go a lot further than it does, dynamically and musically. Clearly, there are a group of talented musicians behind this but I feel the music could reflect this so much more than it does. 

Polygamy has clearly got a very good sense of direction for their music and I look forward to hearing more but I feel this particular song doesn’t quite hit the level it should musically. Maybe some extra layers somewhere in the track, or another part to add another dimension to the music. A solid foundation of music leaving a lot to work on next time out from Polygamy. 

Adam Simpson – U.F.O

‘U.F.O’, released on November 18th, is a piece of music which within its creation, is anthemic as a track. However, there are parts of this track which let the song down as a whole. The song has a really great feel to it but there are notable areas for improvement. 

The main one of these is the production standard of the track. ‘U.F.O’ feels like the sort of song that, in a live scenario, would make a room bounce and have crowds screaming at the top of their lungs. However, as I mentioned, the production of this track just really lets it down. The balance between levels just isn’t where it should be and it really leaves me wanting a lot more from this track. 

There is quite a lot of high-end in this track which was the other big point for me, it just makes the track really hard to listen to at points. I do feel there is a lot of potential in this track and I would also love to see it live as I feel like the track is definitely a real rock anthem! 

Cola Bay  – Icarus 

A huge build, into what is quite a mammoth of a heavy, alternative rock track. Based out of Manchester, Cola Bay have released yet another banger of a track with their latest release ‘Icarus’. 

This latest release is instantly just an honest track, one which lays itself bare. As a piece of music goes, this one is quite brilliant. ‘Icarus’ seems to have been composed with complete direction and understanding of what is needed from each part of the track. 

The only area of this track that I would say could be improved for us is in the production, I’m not quite sure if the guitar in the intro is supposed to stick out so much but that is the one thing I’d change. I feel as if the levels of certain parts are just slightly too high at certain points in the song. Really great work from Cola Bay here though, a real beast of a track. 

Lynskey – Kinda Tastes Like Iron 

Instrumentally, a very sound and well-executed piece of music, very loud and very in your face. For any rock fan out there this song, upon first impression would be one that anyone would absolutely love for that rebellious sort of teenage angst feeling. 

However, the telling part of this song is the vocal performance. Although I am not sure if it is deliberate, I feel like the vocal delivery of this song leaves much to be desired. Every area of the song seems so polished aside from this, the drums are big and punchy, all instruments sit in their place. 

The song does seem very honest and meaningful and that is something that any listener can relate to. Lynskey does come across as likable within their music, to the extreme. With work on extra areas of their, game Lynskey has a really bright future ahead. This song, however, could be even more impressive down the line with those added details.