Goo - De Novo


Alex Spencer – One Way Ticket

At just 16 years old Alex Spencer, the prodigious talent behind “One Way Ticket” has defied all expectations and delivered a track that can only be described as an instant indie classic.

This song is an enchanting exploration of the human experience. Delving into the universal struggle of feeling trapped in the same repetitive cycle.

“One Way Ticket” grabs your attention with its fast-paced energy and infectious melodies. The young artist showcases an impressive knack for crafting catchy hooks that stay with you long after the song ends.

It’s a testament to their musical maturity and demonstrates a profound understanding of what resonates with indie music aficionados.

The Illicits – Eye Of The Storm

“Eye of the Storm”. The new track from The Illicits captivates listeners with its nostalgic yet refreshing indie rock sound. The song effortlessly blends catchy guitar riffs, driving drum beats, and an undeniable sense of enthusiasm that permeates throughout.

This combination creates an irresistible atmosphere that will undoubtedly have you tapping your foot and singing along in no time.

The verses build up the anticipation. Setting the stage for the explosive chorus that truly defines the track. When the chorus hits, it’s like a burst of energy, instantly elevating the mood and injecting a surge of excitement into the listener’s veins.

The melody is infectious, staying with you long after the song ends, and its anthemic quality encourages crowd participation and sing-alongs at live performances.

The Illicets new single

Patchwork Dots – How Can I Help You

Patchwork Dots, a South Yorkshire-based indie rock band, has burst onto the scene with their latest track “How Can I Help You”. Showcasing a fresh and captivating sound that promises a bright future. With their masterful combination of heavy guitar licks and mellow, rocky vocals, Patchwork offers an immersive listening experience that is both invigorating and pleasing to the ear.

Patchwork Dot’s unique style becomes apparent. Their ability to seamlessly blend elements of rock and indie genres results in a refreshing sonic palette that sets them apart from their contemporaries. The heavy guitar licks act as the backbone of their sound, driving the energy forward with a commanding presence. Each riff feels meticulously crafted, delivering a punch that resonates with the listener.

Digsby – One Of A Kind

Digsby. The Bristol-based band, has unveiled their latest track, “One Of A Kind,” serving as the captivating introduction to their highly anticipated EP, “Invisible People.” With its fusion of melancholy indie vibes and an upbeat chorus, this song showcases the band’s ability to craft easy-listening music while leaving listeners eager for more.

“One Of A Kind” begins in a gentle mellow tone , perfectly complementing the introspective lyrics that delve into deep meaning. The lead singer’s emotive vocals convey a sense of longing and introspection, pulling the listener into a contemplative space.

The track gradually builds in intensity, adding layers of delicate instrumentation, such as subtle synths and ethereal harmonies, which create a lush soundscape that surrounds the listener.

Goo – De Novo (Out 30th June)

“De Novo” by the indie rock band from Goo from Keighley. This Track is like a throw back to the 80’s . This is exciting and nostalgic song with and an irresistible chorus. 

The song captures a feel-good atmosphere, thanks to its upbeat rhythm and lively instrumentation. The band does a fantastic job of channeling the spirit of 80s rock, infusing it with their own unique style.

The track is likely to evoke nostalgia in listeners who are fond of the era, while still appealing to modern indie rock enthusiasts.

Goo - De Novo
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