matilda shakes - adrenaline


GIRLS.SPEAK.FRENCH – Pocket Money (Dan’s Song)

The previous single of GIRLS.SPEAK.FRENCH, ‘Britpop Genius’, was bursting full of the kind of energy you might hear reverberating across the wave of a festival crowd. The song detailed the complications of a failing relationship in which both were ‘missing the point’.

Their newest single ‘Pocket Money (Dan’s Song)’ follows a similar theme of relationship struggles but certainly does not disappoint as a follow up to the band’s previous number.

A funk-infused groove within the verses showcases greater variation in the technical ability of this band, and the ambient breakdown layered with a saxophone solo helps to make this track stand out.

More melancholic undertones ring out from the guitars this time in a chorus that Viola Beach would be proud of. These lads certainly make for a band to look out for and would be a fascinating listen for anyone with a taste for the indie scene.

Dead in Blue – ‘Give You My Feelings’

This is certainly one for the headbangers, and Brian Johnson would undoubtedly feel the sound of the drums in the punchy intro to Dead in Blue’s second single.

The energetic opening to the song sets up the powerful rhythmic melodies that follow, and these are sustained throughout the track.

Desperate cries for the need to ‘give feelings away’ create the impression of someone battling with raw emotions. This feeling is well matched by the thunderous, distorted guitars, reminiscent of a 70s hard rock band.

Without much of a break in the song it does feel as though there is little time to pause and reflect, but this adds to the continuous drive, topped by a finale of impressive guitar shredding. The song presents a promising sign of what the Hull rock trio will have to offer in the future.

The Zebecks – Killing Time

Hailing from the Scottish Highlands, The Zebecks’ latest single shows exactly why their growth has accelerated in recent months.

Having played iconic Glasgow venues such as King Tut’s and Saint Luke’s, the track marks the continued development of the tight-knit indie outfit. Evidently, they aren’t afraid to experiment with something different.

Whereas the previous single ‘Breakthrough’ saw longer, drawn-out vocals, no time is wasted in getting the message across with ‘Killing Time’. The lead singer fires out how the ‘story goes’, tapping into youth culture with the kind of frantic energy you might find on an old Pigeon Detectives album.

This fun and bouncy tune ticks the right boxes for indie lovers and would easily get a crowded venue going. There is a nostalgic 00s sound, but this is something that may be used to their advantage. Perhaps venturing into some different cities across the UK would be the true test of this.

TV Face – I Knew A Girl I Didn’t Know

‘Telling truth and telling lies, horror stories from lullabies’. This lead single from TV Face’s debut album Tide of Men, has all the grit and aggression you’d expect from any post-Brexit post-punk band.

As one of two lead singles from the album – due for release in September 2023 – the song clearly depicts the band’s intelligent rage and the riotous essence of their project.

Mastered by engineer Pete Maher (The White Stripes and Pixies), listeners can be assured of a clean production with a steady rhythm and tight harmonies.

The track won’t necessarily be for everyone, but it does justice to the blistering energy of the post-punk scene – it’s true mosh pit material.

Matilda Shakes – Adrenaline

After performing headline shows at The Leadmill and the O2 Academy, Matilda Shakes will be familiar to the indie rock fans of Sheffield. The band returns with a rebellious rock n roll track and the lead vocalist doesn’t lie when he says, ‘we’re all in for such a wild ride’.

matilda shakes - adrenaline

Catchy guitar riffs are accompanied by vibrating drum rolls that set the precedent for the rest of their latest single. Breaking out into a thrashing chorus, ‘Adrenaline’ is sure to get crowds of the Steel City pumped up.

There is a greater presence of heavy-rock dynamics this time and a slightly darker mystique than heard in previous releases. The band’s ambitions are bold and admirable – they’re not willing to ‘settle for a draw’ and want to ‘take a win’.

This might prove to be another of their tracks added to Sheffield United’s matchday playlist, as it’s full of the kind of fighting spirit that the Blades may need this season!