black grape


Mimosa- All The Time

Mimosa make a return with their first single of 2023, ‘All The Time.’ A punchy, 90s infused track, it certainly soundtracks their recent gain in popularity.

The track opens with an echoing melody, bouncing off of a deep bassline, something that wouldn’t have gone amiss in the Madchester movement. Everything about this seems so effortless for the Chesterfield outfit, and it’s easy to see why people like this melodic, catchy indie tune.

A slight tempo change in the bridge allows us to appreciate the guitars in the song, before we’re hit once again with the loud and anthemic riffs. 

Mimosa have several dates across the UK lined up for this autumn and you’d be hard done by not to go and check them out.

Black Grape- Milk

Black Grape. It’s a household name (and if you’ve not heard of them, where have you been?) And they’re back with their latest single ‘Milk,’ ahead of their first album in 6 years ‘Orange Head.’

It’s Manchester psychedelia through and through, highly creative, edgy and everything you’d want from legends Shaun Ryder and Paul ‘Kermit’ Leveridge.

black grape
📸 Paul Husband

Some think Ryder is past his time, but with this rhythmic electropop tune, it’s very clear he’s not. Full of experimental sounds and an almost poetic lyricism, it’s clear this duo have seen and done it all in the industry, and the tune just seems to be supercharged with a natural swagger that only Black Grape could pull off.

The Salts- Fifteen Men

Ahoy, RGM reader! The Salts are set to release a re-recorded sea shanty version of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island song ‘Fifteen Men,’ to commemorate international Talk Like a Pirate Day. 

If there was a definition for sea shanty, this song would be it. Mysterious and theatrical, the prog rock influences from The Salts creates a sound unlike anything I’ve heard before.

The excellent production of the track enables a whole different side to it, and offers the shanty so much depth and breadth, and what makes it so different to the original album version.

The Azurescens- The Island

Scottish four-piece The Azurescens have released their fourth single to date, ‘The Island.’ Having played several local festivals, it’s clear that they’re making a name for themselves in their hometown of Livingston.

Despite advertising as an indie rock band, the tune has an almost folk undertone to it, especially within the lyrics. It’s like the song has been hardwired with heavy drums and guitars, yet there’s an undercurrent of acoustics to it. Albeit probably accidental, the two balance each other out to create something a little bit different.

The Island almost feels like a cry for help, and also quite emotional, which is usually difficult to get across in songs but The Azurescens have done perfectly.

The Ilfords- Stacey Greene

Described as ‘one of the most exciting indie bands in the North East,’ The Ilfords are certainly living up to expectations, especially with their latest single ‘Stacey Greene.’ 

Raw vocals meets hard indie create this energetic track which doesn’t let up once. The verse builds before we hit the crescendo of the chorus, a noise fuelled rock section which gets even louder towards the end of the song.

The Newcastle-upon-Tyne outfit clearly know the direction they want to take, and they’re not afraid to show it.