Ahmed & The Romans – Organic Living

For some reason, immediately, I can really imagine this song being the soundtrack to a Quentin Tarantino film. ‘Organic Living’, the latest release from Ahmed & The Romans.

The 3 lads from Italy have created a proper bounce in this track. The song just grooves right the way through from start to finish with those satisfyingly crunchy guitars and simple but effective drums. Not to mention the free-flowing vocal delivery.

Any listener would be hard-pressed to find a single fault musically within this song. Genuinely. Proper punky goodness and honestly I wouldn’t expect the musical delivery to be so clean as the nature of punk music isn’t perfection. The only small detail I would’ve mentioned would be that maybe some of the drum fills could be taken out in certain places but that’s personal preference as a listener! That is really nit picking at a track which really doesn’t display many flaws though.

Another DayThe College Song

Kent-based band Another Day really has treated us to an angsty guitar-driven banger with their latest single ‘The College Song’. This is a proper rebellious feeling track that just feels perfect for mosh-pit lovers everywhere.

With this track, you get a real sense of everything that Another Day are really about with their music and the aims they have, but somehow, there are areas where I just don’t quite see the track as believable. It almost feels to me like the vocal could be delivered slightly differently. It could lift the track so much more than it does.

‘The College Song’ is a track that cites influence from both 90s Britpop and grunge and sort of combines and gets itself what seems to be a punk sound. Really reminiscent of some good old-fashioned teenage angst-driven music.

Alto Key – The day we met

If every description of the feelings of romance and love could all be just put together and played in one song ‘the day we met’ would most likely be the song I would choose to deliver.

The song has been deliberately made to sound vintage and crackly and honestly, it gives the track such a unique sound, not so many people are combining new technologies and sounds with other things associated with the past. This track is so extremely well produced, that small element of the crackle behind the track and the deliberate way in which this has been produced to sound like an old track speaks to the level of musical genius that has gone into the creation here.

Alto Key has created a piece of music here that is enough to make anyone fall to their knees and weep tears of pure joy. It’s one that really evokes so many emotions and somehow actually provokes thoughts and emotion in the listener’s head as the track goes on. I’d really encourage listening to this while looking at the lyrics because this is so elegantly written!

IST IST – Mary in the Black and White Room

Yet another up-and-coming starlet of Manchester bringing back a belter with their latest tune. IST IST is a band of real stature in the Manchester scene at the moment and you can really see why with songs like this.

This track, listening to as a musician, is faultless. Flawless and quite effortless in performance and therefore it becomes quite easy for any listener to just stick on some headphones and keep this track going over and over.

‘Mary in the Black and White Room’ is a track that has a real catch to it, the hook line itself is one that isn’t easily forgettable and stands out even down to the rhythms in this track. Everything is written and put together so perfectly that there’s a real buzz in the tune. Very easy to see why this band are doing so well.

In Fear – Abyss

Bristol-based rockers In Fear are back with another mammoth of a track with their latest single ‘Abyss’. There’s something for every metal lover in this track from the crazy drum parts to the demonic vocal line. This track really is a monster piece!

‘Abyss’ is described by the band as being part of their next phase but honestly, this sound is so established in my eyes. The production is top of the range, the performance is second to none and honestly, I wouldn’t know where to start with critiquing this track.

A band that has an incredibly defined sound and it’s very clear to see why these guys have caught the attention of the likes of Kerrang and received so much support. Overwhelmingly awesome to listen to. I’ll be whacking this one on in the gym in half an hour for sure!