Lucigenic – Joy

Brand shiny new one from the Stockport natives brings to mind something older and borrowed lovingly from a smokey biker pub in the 80s.

It’s got a comfortable blend of rock you can have yourself a sway to. It genuinely feels like you can just lose yourself for a moment in the sound of Lucy’s voice and the almost nostalgia for a time past that you’re now brought back to

Strawberry Lemonade – Pieces

Northern based band Strawberry Lemonade have been honing their sound in since 2020 around Manchester, giving them a particular blend of raw brit rock that fans will be drawn to.

The track “Pieces” is juxtaposed between the verses feeling like an old school “lighter wave” indie track, the chorus that was clearly built for a moshpit with the lyrics that are about no second chances after a heartbreak which could be a good grieving tune to sing to. They sound generally like a strong bunch of lads, trying on their influencers shoes to see if they fit. I’d wager they’ll grow into them very well.

Benny The Moth – No War

Hard hitting Jersey 4 piece “Benny The Moth” decided this was the year to pull out all the stops and right out of the gate started with No War, which lyrically is a very well written message, certainly for the current times.

The song itself has the good scratch that some people’s minds rather like of MANY different sounds, blending the ska with the psychedelic for a nostalgic noise that will have you up and dancing like your dad by the end. Some songs just have what you might call a chaotic sound but the constant changes make it a track that pulls you in with each alteration rather than being so many sounds, it becomes noise and it takes a certain level of skill to do that which these boys have clearly figured out very well.

Dakota Jones – Sugar Pie (Out 23/1) 🇺🇸RGM USA🇺🇸

Starting off strong into 2023, we have the sound of New York with Dakota Jones. Their brand new track “Sugar Pie” has a distinct blend of instruments that give it a almost a jazz era style sound which accompanies the lead singer Tristan’s strong voice amazingly well. The lyrics tie the whole vibe together in a neat little bow for a light-hearted summertime sound; serenading a sweetheart.

The only slight snag would be the mix at certain points takes away from Tristen, which given that it’s clear she has a big voice is a bit of a shame it detracts from her slightly at some points, overall It’s a quiant little song that would feel most at home being played in a chilled out environment as it’s pretty but not invasive as a sound.

Madishu – Naive (Out 3/2)

Romainian artist Madishu takes elements of pop, house and r&b to create their new track Naive. Their soft voice works in tandem with the flow the track presents. Though having no hard baselines or distinct drops, it has a catchy enough beat to not need them and gives reminders of a early r&b track with a slick, modern feel. Definatly one for the lo fi essential playlist.