Shambolics – Living In Shadow

The 5 piece alt rockers from Fifé certainly have a lot to give, from raising money for local charity, right to their new EP which contains the somber emotional serenade “Living In Shadows”

Starting out acoustic and soft but transforming itself into a passionate swell of sound that will have you singing the titular line right along with them by the end and the added advantage of a powerful guitar solo gives it big feelings for being some kind of indie power ballad.

Oliver Marson – Blue Dreams

Who doesn’t like a good synth pop song about burning your boring job down eh?

Well, Oliver had a root in the 80s goth and early 90s sheffield scene along with the current mood of the country to pull out this dazed strike at the 9 to 5.

It’s a dramatic one with a trippy vibe that invites a sense of humour wrapped in the lurid and bizarre all working in tandem for a unique and interesting sound ending in running away to blue skies and even bluer seas.

Olivia May – LOML

From opera to pop-ra comes Olivia May with a love song to best friends. Taking influence in sound from expensively produced 90s dance tracks along with Olivia’s songbird voice, it’s a lovely tribute to missing people you were close to afterlife gets hectic.

She certainly feels like she could brew to be a pop music heavyweight so can imagine won’t be too long before the radio stations get this on the repeat plays and you’re singing it to your best girls.

INEGO – Medicine

Not your typical Manchester Indie band INEGO is right on that sell because you can certainly hear that influence like you would with alot of Manchester bands.

Feel it’s an energy that bleeds into our music scene very well and alot of lads carry that 90s impact with them

But this isn’t your run-of-the-mill. Complex, soothing to-the ear guitar riffs, reminiscent of something perhaps like The Pretenders accompany the delicate lyrics making it a strong new one for your late-night playlists

Stephen F. Mone – Truly

Irish native in Yorkshire’s tetrad release is sure to attract the attention of lovers of subdued cheery rock combined with drum and bass which is well very executed.

“Truly” brings to mind the likes of Chase & Status and Pendulum who have left gaps in the scene that “The Mone and Only” may just have feet big enough to fill and pack out similar club and festival dance scenes.