Dakota Avenue – Skin

This is the forth single from Manchester’s alternative rock trio “Dakota Avenue” who have already graced the stages of Kendall Calling and Etihad’s City Square, as well as 5 sold-out home town shows.

This one absolutely has the beginnings of a catchy headbanger. Definitely, a fun one to get the ears round. Honest, brutally emotional lyrics and a dark vibe with a subtle drop near the end.

Would have expected a much harder drop which would have suited the track beautifully but it holds its own as it stands anyway as an enjoyable call out to a love that isn’t yours but you know is miserable where it is.

CUFFS – To Hell And Back

Fresh out of the studio after sharing stages with the likes of Bob Vylan and Haggard Cat, the title track of the brand new album by p*ssed off Bristol 4 piece “CUFFS” is a punk masterclass.

Featuring dirty, shrill guitars, with heavy beats. You can feel the energy that went into this track and it’s the entire anger of a broken system poured into under 4 minutes of a noisy soulful ruckus. Their live shows promise to be something truly spectacular and chaotic to witness given what I’ve heard so I’m sure when they start touring this album, they’ll pack rooms out very well with a similar energy to long standing punk bands.

HI SIENNA – Power (Out 17/2/2023)

Distinct and melodic are the words coming from rock pop 4 piece HI SIENNA has already enjoyed airtime from BBC introducing and XS Manchester as well as previous tracks giving them gigs such as GORILLA and the Urban Outfitters Showcase.

Alot of 70s infusion within the guitar, an expensive sounding production and a bouncy pop feel that will be right at home when the summer festivals roll around. The vocals compliment in a Florence and The Machine way but with a Blue eyed soul untone running through it. It’s one that sure to catch the ears of radio 1 listeners and pop enjoyers. With their EP coming soon, I think the summer will be strong for this quatet.

Fake Turins – Yr Made of Gold

It’s apparently closing time for this psychedelic 11-piece from London “Fake Turins” come summer.

The London band with its distinct cacophony of brass, wood, and guitar forming a bizarre blend of funk and storytelling has decided to go out with a bang, using this time to create a new EP – this being the first single, culminating in one last hometown show on 8th June. It has its own style that is familiar to the London scene but with a twist of the macabre and the interesting using the lyrics to tell a story about inherited anger. It feels like this is closer to an art piece than your run-of-the-mill song.

The Kaves – 1000 White Lies

Glasgow quartet “The Kaves” look to try on the boots of other iconic Scottish indie rock bands such as Primal Scream and Mogwai and in the 4 years since they formed they are certainly making headway on that.

Hailed by us in the past as ones to listen out for and listen out we did to gain a sweet and delicate tune about delusional love and wanting to believe in something. It has the feel of 60s rock with intricate guitar playing melded with the typical style of vocals found on your common or garden 90s Manchester tune, making it an enjoyable indie tune that fans of that will really be into.