Electric Circus – All For A Stranger

North East pandemic born quartet “Electric Circus” had one goal when they started. Bringing hard, 80s style rock back to the people.

They appear to have cracked that formula in their own way, it’s definitely the heavy, melodic sound that would fit with 4 decade old rock anthems incredibly well. You can absolutely hear these lads were likely raised on punk pop in their younger days, but I wouldn’t consider that a bad thing at all. It just means that whatever hair metal they were gunning for has more of a cheery vibe, or perhaps it’s a more metal, less bubblegum punk than your blink182 would be.

Either way, a strong first one for them to start off their year and series of tours. I imagine they’ll put a good night on and have more tunes coming soon.

Opal Skies – No Choice

Southern quintet Opal Skies have enjoyed alot of attention in the metal community, with Spotify lists and even Radio 1 plays. You can certainly hear why.

They’ve brought back spectacular and dirty blend of hip hop and industrial not unfamiliar to people who are fans of screechy, underground Americana from the late 80s but this time through the lens of London with far more poetic lyrics.

To some this will be unfamiliar territory within rock and will open them to a specific sound within the metal scene. Others will feel a certain nostalgia for a sound that hasn’t been around for a while but modernised and given a fresh, cleaner sound that normal but still with a glorious amount of fuzz.

Magnetic Skies – You Shine On

80s new wave goth is back with a vengeance with Magnetic Skies.
They cracked out the synths and thought the modern market was missing the sound of Bauhaus and New Order these days and they were right.

A well put together niche track with the dark pop undertones aren’t unfamiliar to the London or Manchester scenes of the mid 80s, filled with a new positive energy  that older lyrics were lacking back in the day. You Shine On feels like a far happier song than any predecessors of the past, with a motive of self esteem. There’s certainly a heavy fan base for tunes like this.

FloodHounds – Psychosemantics

Psychedelic Sheffield rock trio FloodHounds have decided to rip up the typical northern indie rule book with their new one “Psychosemantics”
They have enjoyed attention from BBC introducing and festival stages already so their first track of 2023 sends a message.

A clear and hefty amount of 60s and 70s punk inspiration blended with strong riffs and a big pile of fuzz dumped on top gives this one something different, parnassian and distinct that stands out as heavy, poetic and rough around the edges in a beautiful way. 

Fakers – Toxic City

Ask the underground scene how the UK punk and garage revival is going and they’ll tell you it’s currently having its heart re started and bloods being poured into it and Derby 4 piece Fakers are no exception to this.

Less Sex Pistols, More Sham 69 with skilled guitar playing, a polished sound but still with the grime and lament at the state of the place that fuels every punk band and makes for relatable lyrics of the cheesed off youth.

They fit right in with that scene by sound alone but I imagine if they can fuel an energy similar to the likes of Fruit or Bodies, this song would pretty much guarantee to kick a room with singing, dancing and community spirit that every ruckus punk band brings in.