The 23’s – Never Be The Same

Heavy electro synth from the moment the track begins, the new one from Sheffield-based brainchild of Rob Cohan, Tom Taylor, and Rob Gurruchaga; The 23’s decided to take their rock influences and flip them on their head to create a sound evocative of a post apocalyptic sci fi film with strong influences of 80s prog rock and avante garde that may have been lost to the ages otherwise.

Who doesn’t like a bit of Peter Gabriel in their rock music? It’s a strong tune with twinges of bands like HENGE who completely embody space and sci fi as a whole concept within their music.

It has an consistent rhythm with a grunge undertone and I imagine live it’s closer to an art piece than your standard rock/synth band. If anyone is making a new sci-fi film, this would be absolutely right at home on the soundtrack.

The Rolling People – Better Man (out 10/3)

Manchester based quartet ‘The Rolling People’ have already managed to bag themselves an Academy headliner and make a name for themselves to show what Manchester does best; 1997-2004 indie tunes. You can certainly hear the typical Oasis influences that accompany a band like this. Why fix what isn’t broke eh? For as long as there’s a fan base, there will always be lads making these light rock tracks with poetic (in its own way) strong Mank vocals.

The Rolling People are no exception to this. It wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb on anything featuring the Arctics or other northern indie powerhouses. To that end, its a brilliant track. It does exactly what it set out to do and will likely fit in well with the BBC Introducing crowd, giving them a well-deserved platform among their scene.

Emily Breeze – Confessions of An Ageing Party Girl (Daddy G vs Robot Club Remix)

Emily Breeze’s low, deep spoken storytelling works brilliantly with her mix of almost like a cross between Courtney Love and Moloko in vocal style has been mixed by the brilliant Daddy G to create something – well typically Bristol electronic which to an extent would be considered the original ”low-fi beats to study to”

This ageing party girl is telling these stories to a backdrop of chill beats while having a cup of tea at half 10 in a morning – not shouting it to you at 1am surrounded by smoke machines. It’s just not ‘that sort of dance track’ Well, what would you expect from a founder of Massive Attack? Some electro music is invasive. I cant say they ever were. They’re very radio friendly and you’d struggle finding someone who hasn’t heard and enjoyed their blend of strings, samples and rhythm and the choice to pick Emily Breeze’s track works amazingly well.

Emma Salisbury – Mine

Sydney native Emma Salisbury has already enjoyed audiences in New York, Los Angeles, London, and Toronto as well as her home city with her original blend of delicate vocals, soft background beats, and piano flow, and her new track ‘Mine’ isn’t an exception to that.

It’s a ”Sunday morning” type vibe or early evening in an upscale restaurant gazing longingly over a candle. Not in your face or loud in any capacity, just a gentle sound to compliment the enjoyment of whatever it is you may be doing and brings feelings of subtle joy.

It’s just nice for want of a better word. You probably wouldn’t call it distinctive, but if it rolled on one of your playlists I can’t imagine you’d skip it either.

Enjoyable Listens – That’s Where The Blood Is

Stop starting multiple times since 2019 hasn’t stopped Oxfordshire lad Luke Duffett, AKA ”Enjoyable Listens” from attracting attention from Louder Than War or his last album being named ‘Best of 2022’ by God Is In The TV’s Jim Auton.

The new one which was penned in a caravan has given E.L the right to be called a inigma, taking that whole Cure vibe mixed with the mid 80s Berlin sound that there is still a big fanbase for and giving it an almost polished feel if you can polish things with leaves that is. You can hear the influences coming from E.L’s surroundings mixed in with dark electro feel which gives it a certain edge you wouldnt hear in other tracks of this style. A strong one for fans of Goth synth pop looking for something new to get their ears round.