Love At First Might As Well – Olivia Browse 

Bedroom pop at its absolute finest and most pristine. Olivia Browse is a name I’ve come across a few times before but never really delved into, and my oh my has this song left me wishing I’d paid attention and listened sooner? 

‘Love at first might as well on the surface comes across as a proper bouncy, almost feel-good track but when you really delve into the lyrics there’s a really sad meaning behind this track. 

Nevertheless, Olivia Browse had my head bopping from start to finish despite what the meaning of this song might be. It’s such a vibey tune and really just makes me want to get up and bounce around my room. It’s extremely clear to see why Olivia Browse has been doing so well with releases like this. 

Feel So Good – The Ruby Tuesdays

‘Feel So Good’ feels like a slightly ironic name for any grunge track considering the emotions normally associated with the genre of Grunge. I’m a real sucker for fuzzy, high-gain guitar tones and emotional music though so this release has given my ears a great time. 

The Ruby Tuesdays, hailing from Blackburn have teamed those huge guitars and instrumental lines together with such a catchy hook line in the chorus in their latest release. This is a track I can really imagine being belted out in a stadium with thousands of people singing along. It’s just that great. 

I rarely find no fault in a song, however, with this particular tune, I genuinely haven’t a bad word to say. A perfect display of how grunge should sound and a song that seems designed to get crowds roaring and bouncing up and down. Class work from The Ruby Tuesdays. 

Strawberry Jam – Francis Alban Blake

A song that immediately draws any listener in with a really uneasy, uncomfortable feel to it. The guitar just seems very haunting as does really the rest of the tune. The vocal behind this is so so beautiful though. 

Francis Alban Blake, hailing from Amsterdam brings through a really vibrant and unique sound with his latest release ‘Strawberry Jam’. The vocal delivery almost feels like this song should be in some form of film or musical. A song with a real cinematic feel that paints a picture lyrically. 

‘Strawberry Jam’ is a masterfully composed piece of music. I am a little bit lost for words for this track as I’m not sure how to even comment on it enough that I do it justice. I do urge absolutely anyone to take a listen to this song though. Maybe, on a rainy Sunday when you’re sat inside and stuck for something to do and want to sit and really immerse yourself in some music to relax. This piece of music belongs in any chill-out playlist. 

Camus and Sartre – The Subtheory

Groovy, toe-tapping, and melodic. Three words that I’d use to describe this song. The Subtheory has combined so many different musical influences and inspirations to create this song about self-expression and the challenge which someone may face against their rival. 

The song is filled with loads of layers of synth sounds and I can’t even tell how many layers of bass make this song so full of texture and a delight for any headphone user who loves a bit of low-end. The main point which I noticed about this song is the production. Immediately you can tell that what you’re listening to has been produced and released at such a high, professional level. 

‘Camus and Sartre’ is to me the sort of song a band release when they really find the best understanding of their musical direction and what they are trying to produce. In fact, to me, this whole song sounds like the band had one huge ‘AHA’ moment in their brain. A dance floor-ready banger that I know would get crowds moving. 

Autopilot – Kelaska

Emotions are really running high in the latest release from Connecticut-born singer-songwriter Kelaska. ‘Autopilot’ is the perfect piece of music to listen to if you are in one of those really sad moods where music is your only healer. 

Having started life as a cover artist on YouTube, Kelaska has gone on to become something of a very accomplished songwriter. Having listened to a couple more of her songs after hearing ‘Autopilot’ for the first time, I’m blown away by the immense talent of Kelaska. Like really, I have a huge soft spot for this sort of American-born sound and in this track, it has been delivered to absolute perfection. 

Just pure heartbreak fuel with the song ‘Autopilot’, hearing someone who understands so perfectly how to put their emotions onto paper and turn it into a song is something that absolutely astounds me and is a huge talent. Which is the perfect description for Kelaska – a huge talent, clearly with a very bright future ahead of her.