Mercy Kelly – Fever

Manchester scene favourites Mercy Kelly have been soldiering away on their craft since 2019. Toeing a fine line between scratchy guitar playing with pensive and melodic riffs. 

Their brand shiny new one Fever is a banging introduction to them stepping into 2023 with headline shows knocking on the door. It’s got a sniff of the typical Manchester grit and a spark of alt glam rock that we’ve not heard for a bit, perhaps akin Brit pop heavyweight Placebo or similar.

Strong track that’ll likely accompany a strong album.


What Will Be – Something More

Lugubrious yearning with deep lyrics and even deeper breakdowns, the lads from What Will Be embody a mature voice and sound but in a style recognisable as if early Avenged Sevenfold had a lovechild with Creed, so is almost emotionally a comfort blanket of a tune brewing with a glimmer of hope within a dark time. 

It’s a satisfying listen for alt rock fans and provokes emotion on a few different levels due to its almost mental juxtaposition between light and dark which you can almost hear within the track itself. 

Muddy Elephant – Lonely (Out 14/02/2023)

2004 post punk revival making a storming comeback at the hands and voices of the cleverly named Chester 4 piece “Muddy Elephant” 

You’re transported to live vicariously through a difficult heartbreak that’s hard to process and move on from and one of the best way to do something like that is to tell the story of it through artforms – music being one of them.

There are feelings of despair and just wanting someone to lean on, addressing a silent cry to the void to just wanting a shoulder to lean on but no way to speak. Beautiful pre emo sounding tune.

Nat Dempsey & The Near Strangers – Playground (Out 17/02/2023)

Symphonic guitar solos in this Manchester indie anthem for the rabble-rousers. Relatable lyrics for the angst of the 20-something’s who’ve just had enough of the mundane and poverty within society and long for the bold and bright over the worn tarmac streets and flickering dim lights.

Started originally back in 2021, it would appear the quartet’s first main track and it’s a vigorous first starter in that case. These might be ones to keep ears out for the album.

Cinematic alt-rock banger of a tune. The lad from Ipswich bringing us this, bouncy tune that will have you jumping about singing the titular line by the end is a definite earworm with some headbanging punk pop vibes.

Connor Adams – Every Moment  (Out 10/02/2023)

Cinematic alt rock banger of a tune. 

The lad from Ipswich bringing us this, bouncy tune that will have you jumping about singing the titular line by the end is a definate earworm with some headbanging punk pop vibes. 

He’s already pricking up ears of some pretty big movers and shakers in the music biz so bet that this won’t be the last we’ll hear of him. 

Well written, well produced, well catchy