Regal Cheer – Behavioural Patterns

1.11 is usually known as an angel number but with Brighton duo Regal Cheer, keeping it short, sweet and bonkers is the theme here.

It’s a loud, in your face tune that feels alot like a classic punk track which if you’re looking for a new punk band to give yourself a sore neck, these boys might just be the answer you’re looking for.
It’s a punchy raucous that’ll definitely pull you out of your chair to shake all your bones out.

Damian Luke – Revolution

Poetry from the streets of Belfast with Damian Luke’s new Revolution. This has the advantage of sounding like a cross between the rough sound of early 90s Manchester blended together with the sort of poetry and message that would usually be given by the likes of Bob Dylan but with an Irish folk influence.

It’s a delightful, catchy tune with a message of uprising but in a subtle way that makes it a enjoyable listen and one you’ll be swaying along to by the end. It’s not a message of war but one of love and peace which is the type of revolution we all need and Damian’s nailed that energy completely.

Hideaway Club – Face It

We do love a good northern sound and that’s what the Sheffield lads Hideaway Club are bringing us here with their first ever track “Face It”

It’s a happy and familiar blend of sound that fans of northern indie will enjoy getting their ears around. For indie boffins, it’ll give a sense of summertime drives and light-hearted fun. It’s well written, well-played, and well produced so I imagine they’ll keep it strong when the album surfaces.

Euan Blackman – Everybody Lets You Down (OUT 27/1)

The delicate folk vibes of the Liverpool artist Euan Blackmans “Everybody lets you down” is a new staple for your sad playlists.

It’s beautifully written; full of charm and soul, entirely produced in a bedroom but given a feel of a strong Radio 2 repeat play. Some sad songs come with strength and that’s the vibe this is giving off completely and you’d never tell how DIY it is which is a testament to Euans talent and the projection of his soul through the track itself makes it one that, even if you are sad and feel on your own, you have a soundtrack to that now that will remind you that you’re less alone than you thought.

Fly 52 – The Storm (OUT 20/01)

Starting out atmospheric with the sounds of an angry sky and exploding into a familiar sounding, excitable punk pop blend that will bring in listeners, old and new – Welsh natives Fly 52 hit all the right notes with their new track “The Storm.”

Born out of the pandemic, the 4 piece draw a lot of influences from the American late 90s/early 2000s commercial punk scene which is evident through listening and will leave you with a bouncy energy after playing. A welcome reminder of misspent teenage years, repackaged with mature themes, listeners will surely be drawn to the nostalgia after being pulled in by the artistic recording at the start.

They guarantee that their live shows tend to get loud and chaotic so I can imagine even the thunder rolling from the start of this one would definitely encourage mosh pit vibes for this one.