Marseille – Freedom

The latest single from Derby band, Marseille is an absolute powerhouse of a tune from the off! With screaming guitar feedback and some really huge sounding drums combined to make a track that smacks you in the face and makes sure you pay attention. 

The one small problem I have with this track is, although I can tell how good the drummer is and how great this song really is, the mix of the drums at least as well as the lead guitar just has a lot of high-end, however, this does not take too much away from the song. 

Really, really explosive and bouncy and an indie rock track that would grab most peoples attention and not let go. Clearly all musicians behind this are playing at the top of their game and it makes the piece of music just that much more enjoyable to listen to. 

Eve SimpsonThe Strangest Company

‘The Strangest Company’ gives me huge vibes of being sat somewhere in a coffee shop in New York getting over a heartbreak, you know like you see in those typical American Rom-coms? This song wouldn’t be out of place in any of those sorts of films, extremely cinematic. 

Eve Simpson really does use a very minimalistic sound with this latest single, I’m quite honestly blown away by how a track so simple can draw on so many emotions at once. That is absolutely one thing that this track does, it pulls on every heartstring and makes you think about things you wouldn’t expect a piece of music to make you think. A real testament to the beauty of the song and to the masterful songwriting of Eve Simpson. 

I don’t really know what more to say about this track other than talk about how much it has blown me away. That stunning Piano line, the haunting vocal and every nuance in between just all pull together to make a piece of absolute and utter beauty. 

Fruit Tones –  Back In The Night (Out 11/11)

Raucous Rock’n’Roll from Fruit Tones with their upcoming single ‘Back In The Night’. This song really reminds me of being in the back seat of my dad’s car when I was younger listening to some proper old rock and roll music from the 60s, it’s just so nostalgic yet so fresh and I absolutely love it. 

The band have seen success in recent years with plays across huge radio stations such as Radio 6 as well as touring around the globe quite a lot and it’s very easy to see why this band are doing so well. Not often does a sound that is so fresh come along but also with a hint of something that is so familiar from a past time.

I literally have not got a bad word to say about this song or this band. Utter perfection in my ears and honestly if I had to describe this song in one sentence it’d be like comparing a piece of music to the sweetest and nicest food I have ever eaten. I absolutely cannot get enough and Fruit Tones have definitely left me itching for more. 

Jemma Johnson Love Rush

Wow, wow, wow. Okay, so from the offset I will say that this is absolutely not my sort of music and I normally switch off straight away when it comes to this style of music. However, this song just has something different, something that draws me to it slightly more than other tracks within its genre. 

Jemma Johnson is releasing this single on the back of racking up over 20 million Spotify streams so she is no stranger to writing brilliant songs. This one is so relatable in so many ways lyrically, all about the stories of toxic relationships and being over them. Something which I’m absolutely sure a lot of people have been through and something which a lot of people will relate to within this song. 

Overall, for a song that I honestly did not expect to like when I initially hit play, I found myself rocking about in my chair to the sound of this one, it just seems to have that infectious feel that makes you want to throw your arms and head around and never stop. There is something truly liberating about this piece of music. 

Nice Guys Corona

North Eastern five-piece Nice Guy is a fine example of some of the amazing music coming out of the North East of the UK right now. ‘Corona’ is a song that just has everything that any Indie Rock fan would instantly love. Huge sounding drums, gorgeous guitar lines, and incredibly honest lyrics. 

I do really want to talk about the really high level of production on this track. There is such an amazing balance between every instrument in the song and it just is a really satisfying piece of music to listen to as a music lover. Instrumentally, the lads from Teeside have smashed it out of the park here too, honestly, I’m slightly lost for words. 

Nothing too complex, nothing over the top just good old music where every member knows what is needed for the song and delivers it to absolute perfection. Not every day do you hear a new band quite as good as Nice Guy and I’ll more than definitely be delving further into their catalogue of music!