Winachi – Understanding

The third single to be released from Winachi’s upcoming debut album, ‘Understanding’ is a funky tune destined to get listeners’ feet tapping.

A song which fuses indie guitar sounds with elements of electronic music and dance, summer seems the perfect time for its release, it would fit perfectly into a beach cocktail bar playlist. ‘Understanding’ was produced in California, which might have inspired the chilled-out beach sound.

Natalie Wilde features on this song, providing backing vocals that fit well with the lead vocals to provide a slightly softer feel to the song. The lyrics seem to focus on frustration with the current state of the world, but they do seem a little simplistic and repetitive throughout the song, however, this does make the song instantly catchy!

‘Understanding’ will be released on 21st July, and Winachi’s debut album ‘Sympathy for the Future’ is due for release on 26th August. You can catch them live at Moovin Festival in Stockport, which takes place 25th-27th August!


Garlen Lo – London, Tell Me Why

Garlen Lo’s latest single ‘London, Tell Me Why’, released on 1st July 2023, is a melancholic story of life in the big smoke.

Opening with a clip of a London train service announcement, the first lyrics are ‘Terry, he meets Julie’, a clear nod to The Kinks’ romantic classic ‘Waterloo Sunset’. But it’s immediately clear that this song isn’t a romantic one with the following line ‘But Julie doesn’t show’. The song goes on to discuss issues of loneliness which lead the singer to ponder his future in London, with the line ‘you’ve got to let me know, should I stay or should I go’ another reference to a classic, this time by The Clash.

The single has a calming indie-folk sound, with a gentle guitar accompanying a soft voice, and a female-sounding voice harmonising at times to provide additional texture to the song. Whilst the train announcements that appear numerous times in the song do help to create the atmosphere that Garlen Lo is busking on a London street, they interrupt the peaceful nature of the song, so I think the song would be more enjoyable without them.

Apple Shakers – Fight

‘Fight’ is the new single from Apple Shakers, an alt-rock two-piece formed in London. It’s a gritty and dark song with repetition of the line ‘It’s a beast of a city’ and references to ‘demons’ and ‘a wounded soldier’.

The lyrics are intended to paint a landscape of despair from people forever stuck in the same cycle, and this atmosphere is intensified by the vocals that are spitted out with anger rather than sung. The song has definite punk energy, and some hard rock influences on the guitar provide power to the song, although it might sound a bit screechy to some ears.

My favourite section of the song is the build up at the end of the song, where the sound thickens and reaches a crescendo, with the closing verses reflecting a man on edge who feels the world is against him.

‘Fight’ is a single from Apple Shakers’ upcoming EP ‘Blood, Sweat and Broke’ which is due for release on 22nd September. With an appearance at this year’s Glastonbury Festival under their belts, Apple Shakers are certainly ones to watch.

DKANDLE – Hanging Out In Stars

DKANDLE is the post-shoegaze solo project of Denis Kandle, and his new song ‘Hanging Out In Stars’ is set for release on July 14th. The song starts promisingly, with beautiful ethereal sounds leading into classic shoegaze guitars.

It’s a very long intro, with vocals entering over 90 seconds in. The hazy vocals are pushed to the back of the sound, with the guitars and drums much easier to hear. This does mean that lyrics are almost impossible to make out, which is a shame.

‘Hanging Out In Stars’ builds in atmosphere towards the end, before returning to the intro sound to close the song. It certainly shows the promise of DKANDLE in creating a thick and interesting sound, but I feel that the 5-minute length is a little too long for a song that does not change its themes drastically throughout its course.

‘Hanging Out In Stars’ is a single from DKANDLE’s upcoming second album ‘MORE DRAG QUEENS LESS DRAMA QUEENS’ which is due on October 6th, 2023.

SANJAY – Waiting for the Sun

‘Waiting for the Sun’ is the new single from SANJAY, a producer and multi-instrumentalist who spans numerous genres with both his remixes and original work.

‘Waiting for the Sun’ is an original song which has an indie-dance energy to it, although the feel-good atmosphere of the music is contrasted by the darker lyrics, with the main repeated phrase being ‘I was waiting for the sun to make me happy’.

The vocals have a distorted auto-tune feel to them, which add to the electronic and dance elements of the song. A soulful female voice complements SANJAY’s vocals well and adds a sense of variety to the latter part of the song. However, apart from this, the song did feel a little repetitive, especially with the frequent use of the aforementioned main lyrics.

Sanjay’s debut album ‘Anchestral Visions’ is out this November, and you can expect to hear sounds inspired by the likes of Tame Impala, Prince and Neil Young on the record.


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