RGM Sport – ‘Because of Boxing Day’ Tales from a special day in football.

When the football fixtures are released mid-Summer, there are three things that any fan looks for; the first game, last game and Boxing Day. It is a cornerstone of the British sporting calendar and, as many supporters will testify, sits above Christmas Day in importance.

This year is different, much to the disappointment of fans and clubs alike, so we reached out to the RGM readers for their anecdotes of a better time, while counting the days until 26th December  2021.

“Highfield Road in December. Played them back to back on Boxing Day for two seasons running. Always won as well. It was like a late present. Mince pies for Christmas and three points at Coventry the day after. Merry Christmas.” – Liam, Sheffield

“Forest away on Boxing Day is a bit of a holy grail to be honest. We were in the Rowing Club next to the City Ground for 10am. It was a 3pm kick off. We had a Caretaker Manager in charge and hadn’t won for a while but none of it mattered once a couple of thousand of us got in the away end. We were superb. 0-3 away at Forest on Boxing Day. Back in the Rowing Club afterwards and karaoke on the coach back until it broke down at Tibshelf services.” – John, Lancashire

The day it rained goals on Boxing Day, 1963

“If I remember right, we beat Derby 3-1 at home the season we went up. We were one nil and cruising until the Ref turned down a stonewall penalty. Before you know it, they equalise and the lot is going up. 27,000 baying for blood under the lights, the kind of festive cheer everyone is craving after being stuck talking to their Nan all day before. The Kop pulled the ball in that day.” – Tom, Sheffield

“Let’s put it this way, Port Vale is never for the feint hearted anyway. The day after Christmas when everyone is well refreshed, it’s like going into the lion’s den. We were doing okay until around 60 minutes when a blizzard comes through and we ended up getting beat. The journey back topped it off. Snow had caused mayhem on the main roads and being on a coach on those country roads felt like being sat in a washing machine. One coach got stuck nine miles outside town and they had to walk home. The coach I was on got stuck about five minutes from my house. All is well that ends well.” – Steve, Lincolnshire

“After one of the best festive seasons of my life, we got to Boxing Day at Stoke to round things off nicely. We were third in the league and looking like a real dark horse for promotion. In true fashion though, we conceded twice in stoppage time to lose and barely won again for the rest of the season. We can’t have anything nice can we” – Sam, Derbyshire

“Boxing Day games? No idea I’m afraid, they all blur into one. Hey ho.” – Chris, Nottingham