Richard Hawley – Further

There’s somethings in this world that will make you smile ear to ear, and the news that Richard Hawley has a new album out June 7th is just that. Titled “Further”, we see Richard take a step back from naming his albums after objects. Intending to move forward with some of his greatest work yet, the album was mostly made in Sheffield, with co producer Colin Elliot and Shez Sheridan at hand. 

Straight in with the rock and roll number ‘Off My Mind’, that’s how it’s done Richard Hawley style. Set with a subject of simply can’t getting someone out of your head, the crunch of the track represents a fire that’s awakened inside of Richard to move forwards. ‘Alone’ is a track that we’re more familiar with anyway, previously released, it’s been sat comfortably on my playlist since it dropped. There’s a subtle swagger to the arrangement, with it’s swinging hips, the number is a vibrant glam rock anthem. 

With a softer approach to the first two tracks, ‘My Little Treasures’ plays a big part on the album as it’s a whole other level of personal. The song deals with true love and loyalty, and how the smallest of things are still as important as the big. With a big reference towards his late father’s old friends, there’s a nostalgic aura of missing the ‘good old days’. Titled track ‘Further’ sticks with the laid back attitude, and tells a story of time. It hears Hawley in an americana light that will go down well with folk lovers. It’s a track that you could slow dance with your partner too. 

‘Emilia Says’ will float you on a cloud that you won’t want to get off. The simple but ever so effective track is awakened by the fire breathing dragon of “Is There A Pill”. Reigniting the spark in his Marshall stacks, this vibrant track is blossomed with backing from a string section. A personal favourite of mine on this colourful album.’Galley Girl’ doesn’t have the same momentum as the other tracks. It feels like it’s been placed as an album filler instead of having any major thought go into it. Saying that, the guitar tone is raw and edgy within the track. 

‘Not Lonely’ holds the most beautiful message on the album. Securing the feeling of having your own space and somewhere to call your own ‘home’, this is Hawley’s explanation to people that are lonely, that time will come where you won’t feel so alone. ‘Time Is’ dynamically builds to be a positive foot stomping stadium track. This is the kind of anthem that would fit on a positivity based advert on the telly that you usually get irritated of…but with a track like this, how could you?

‘Midnight Train’ feels like it’s yearning for something else that’s a while away. Overall, the album definitely holds a momentum of Hawley adapting to his surroundings but still making it some of his most personal work yet. 

As the “Doors” close on an astonishing new release from Richard Hawley, I’m completely in awe with the magic that this man has created once again. If you love hard hitting rock anthem, but the mellowness of an americana tune, this album is right up your street.