Singer/Songwriter, actor and producer Rita Wilson and her Husband actor Tom Hanks were diagnosed with COVID-19 in Australia and have since made a full recovery and returned to the US, during recovery Rita was exercising her brain and she still remembered the lyrics to ‘Hip Hop Hooray‘ which she learnt for a movie role. 
Naughty By Nature, the Grammy winning, multi platinum selling, iconic hip-hop trio saw Rita performing their song on Instagram and they have joined forces with Rita to record and release a new version of their hit ’93 hit single to raise money to help the fight against COVID-19. Rita when asked about how she came up with the idea said:

I originally learned the song for one of the most fun roles I ever played in the film Boy Genius. It took me a month to learn because it’s so complex and nuanced; it was like training for a marathon. The rhythms and tempos are so unique and creative.  When I was quarantined and recovering from COVID-19 I wanted to see if I still remembered it, kind of like a brain exercise. To my surprise I did.  I thought it would be fun to put it on my Instagram to show people I was doing okay and to make them smile. When Naughty By Nature commented about it, I couldn’t believe it. What a joy to be doing this remix with legends of the Hip-Hop world. I’m forever grateful for their generosity of spirit and for being able to raise money together for MusiCares® COVID-19 Relief Fund.”

The single is out Friday 10th April and can be downloaded here. Net profits from the single will be donated to Musicares COVID-19 relief fund.  For more information on the single and the visit the website here .

This may sound bizarre, but believe us this is genuine Check out the single below and stay safe.