Rivet City – Footslogger

With Northern soul comes a Northern sound, Rivet City are very much all about that feeling as soon as Footslogger begins. 

A strong Manchester accent permeates a strong vocal performance that’s full of power and emotion that begins to really hit home, especially as things begin to break down into the second half of the track. The continual repetition of the lyrics, “I wanna pray to a real god” carries weight that hits like a lorry given the dark subject matter of the opening verses. Along with the hard to hear gang vocals that permeate the background of the second half, you’re served up something different to the humdrum norm of current trends. 

It’s a dark mediation of growing up rough and the darker side of the British upbringing, as well as the hard life that follows.

Backed up by a melancholic tune that never strays too far, sticking to a set sounds from start to finish. The tune that ramps up in the second half, whilst remaining relatively uniform in the opening, provides structure to the song. There’s no verse, chorus, verse structure here, with a preference to keep things moving and never dwell on anything. This lends itself to the fast-firing lyrical content that gives you very little time to focus on what you’re hearing. 

All in all, it’s a fantastic structure, built on excellent foundations with unconventional, but far from unheard of styles. Rivet City take what they knew would work in context with the lyrics and made a hard-hitting, brutal look at something that sounds very close to home.