Rivver- Blue Lagoon

Imagine the bands we wouldn’t have heard if the modern dictation towards their aesthetics had been so prominent. The bass player from ‘Free’, don’t mind saying, not the biggest of lookers, was 15 when he was writing the melodies and foundations of that incredible band. Their ‘look’, was indifferent, their purpose obvious.

They sold millions of records, and everyone knows a song by them, they were pioneers when development of music was moving at the same time and rate as Bill Gates was planning your Microsoft. The clock was constantly striking, there was no time for ‘Tik-Tok’, just 1,2,3,4.’Rivver’, are a band of lads from Wigan. I was almost jubilant to find them promoting themselves upon back-alley steps with plant pots on their heads, and a calm connection with a paddling pool and an octopus.

Even more so when the lovely bass driven intro of their newest track ‘Blue Lagoon’, bops its way into the ears. Excellently recorded, well produced, it’s a toe tapper. Full of jangley chords and crisp vocals. Edging more towards ‘Hard-Fi’ than ‘Futureheads’ it has a bit of grungey guitar to give inclination towards their other elements. 

This is a very good version of this song, but it seems an extremely well-done recreation of many a song that has been done before. I wanted these ‘plantpots’ to deliver their showcase piece of their blooming capabilities. However as driving as the double time ending is, it still feels a touch detached. ‘Where’s the conversation, where’s the contemplation?’

If you listen carefully the vocals sound overmixed losing the compassion of a perplexing story. Is this first person? Third person? Or about someone else? I’ve listened through speakers, headphones, and seismograph and I still can’t quite fathom the fate/fade of the chorus.It’s a well sounding record, and I want to hear ‘Rivver’s’ next. As much as anonymity in the face of music is a dying art, character never has. It is obvious there is plenty more in the grow bag, and a lagoon no matter how remote will always needs its tributaries. Also, Andy Fraser is always there to help.