Rivver – Essence

Rivver are a four-piece indie rock group hailing from Wigan and their new single ‘Essence’ is lacking in essence in some areas of the track.  

What starts off as a Foals-esc guitar picked lead, moves into delightful 80’s dreamy chords and furthermore blends so elegantly into the chorus that you barely notice a change in musical direction. The verse to chorus structure is a classic indie build up, but all being said instrumentally, everything is safely choreographed.  

Frontman Matthew Barber voice is unique and not one I’ve heard much in indie rock and I think for that reason it stands out so much to me in the track. Not that it’s a bad sound in any case, but I feel the vocals are being thrown in my face whilst I’m trying to pick out the instrumentation in the background.  

Essence was also mixed at Abbey Road Studios, so I’m a bit disappointed in the sense that the balance of vocals and instrumentation feels off.  

The track is another edition to the power indie spectrum that’s dominating English music at the moment and the bridge returns to the intro style and then basically plays itself out with the familiar chorus. I feel Rivver could have gone for another crack at the chorus before the untimely fade out which I wasn’t expecting. 

One for indie fans of the buzzing Manchester Britpop revival scene.