Rivver – Smile Back

A guitar driven slice of indie heaven to help raise a smile in these tough days, bought to us fresh from Wigan four piece alt-rockers Rivver. Taking musical inspiration from a range of sounds, from modern indie to the funkier Prince, they have seemingly bought all these together whilst managing to retain a freshness to their sound.

This new track is defined by two things; its vibrant guitar riffs, and its cutting and instantly memorable vocals. Through these they find impeccable balance between melodic instrumentals which draw you in, and the fierceness of voice which keeps you hooked. Whilst having a distinctly ‘00s feel to the track, it certainly steers clear of being lumped into the new infamous ‘indie landfill’ group thanks to its undeniable slickness and masterfully tight sounds. These guys are no blaggers.

 As mentioned above, the vocals through this track are what give it some real distinctiveness. The deep, ear-catching reverberations of lead singer Matt Barber’s voice could be lazily compared to that of Editors’ Tom Smith, or even White Lies’ Harry McVeigh, but in reality there is something which differentiates his from the others, adding a real element of uniqueness to their sound.

Somewhat biting back against recent trends, Smile Back brings with it a sense of ease and of elation in times when most have forgot what that feels like. At its core it is a song of love and of lust, an affirmation of human emotion, and a reminder of the good things which we all wish to return soon. This is where the real beauty of the track stems from, and why it feels like a arm around the shoulder to soundtrack our way back to normality.