Robbie Boyd releases his new single – The Mighty Oak

Indie folk meets folk-pop artist Robbie Boyd will instantly steal your heart with the easy-listening offering ‘The Mighty Oak’. A star in the world of music, Robbie Boyd has performed alongside Katie Melua, Frank Turner, written a song with Matt Cardle and also music legend Ray Davies. All about standing strong in the face of adversity, the new track details having the courage to always find love in your hearts for whatever challenge is about to come next.

From my point of view, it feels like the new single explains how gaining a happy perspective will always make your life that little brighter.

Beginning with a mellow soundscape, it’s Robbie’s vocals that keep us on our toes and ready for where the track will lead. Delivering an emotional performance that will make you instantly reach for a box of tissues, ‘The Mighty Oak’ speaks volumes for people in tricky situations that they’d rather get out of. Nostalgic in the best way, the track feels like it would have fit the early noughties possibly better than today’s day.

With the mainstream music charts being polished pop with a danceable beat, ‘The Mighty Oak’ may not tick that box but it certainly will turn the heads of lovers of warm folk storytelling.

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