We review the new single from Robert O’Connor – Save You

Back with another love-struck electronic tune, with his new single ‘Save You’, Dublin artist Robert O’Connor is bringing more music to our ears.

I had the pleasure of reviewing Robert’s single ‘Too Late’ back in February. Whilst it appears that Robert has continued his Pet Shop Boys remix-esque sound, he has taken a slightly faster-paced approach to this new tune. 

The track also follows a similar theme of romance to O’Connor’s previous work. In this instance, the tune tells a tale of wanting someone to let you in so you can be there for them. How exactly Robert will be the saviour to whoever he’s singing about I’m not sure, and I imagine only he can tell you.

At the heart of the song is an authoritative beating bass drum that drives the music. This beat is wrapped up in a package of synth and an echo of Robert’s voice.

Aside from a few catchy moments through vocal hooks, I struggled to be entirely gripped by this track. For some reason, I couldn’t find an emotional investment. This might not be the same for everyone, but personally, I felt Robert could’ve done more to make the song easier to engage with.

Given the nature of the track, however, this may not matter too much. A tune like this would thrive in clubs for its beat and its melody, rather than its story. I have no doubt O’Connor would be pleased to see his song getting people moving in the clubs this summer.