We review the new single from Robert O’Connor – Too Late

Spacey sounds and Pet Shop Boys-esque vocals combined with the dance beats of Avicii. Sounds like an interesting mix doesn’t it? Well, Robert O’Connor’s new single ‘Too Late’ seems to perfectly summarise this weird musical mash-up.

This new single is out on 26th February, one week ahead of the expanded edition of his electronic sonic November EP ‘Transcendence’. 

Depicting the romantic story of two people who are apart but still in love (at least that’s what I got) because after all, ‘it’s never too late’. You might say that this sounds cheesy, and you might be right, but I think that an electronic-pop track like this does need a certain amount of that cheesy element.

It’s almost as if Robert went back in time, found an old George Michael demo, then came back and gave it a modern 2010s remix. 

Defiantly, ‘Too Late’ pulses through until fading out to some distant vocals from O’Connor. The dance element to this tune is so evident that I would not be surprised if I saw a video of social media influencers having a blast in Ibiza with ‘Too Late’ as the backdrop to their merriment.

I do admire what Robert has done. A covid world probably isn’t the most ideal time for him to be wanting to release dance tracks that would usually prosper in clubs, but he’s standing up and showing his creativity in spite of the mad situation we’re currently in.

Whether or not this track is your cup of tea, it’s still nice to appreciate anyone being creative and putting their work out into the world. If you do fancy a bit of dance-electronic-pop to liven up your week then I think you might want to look O’Connor’s way. Along with ‘Too Late’, he’s got 8 other tracks to fit into his EP for you to enjoy.