Robert O’Connor – Transcendence

Okay, this isn’t an EP. This is an experience. When this EP releases, I urge you to sit down with your headphones in, turn off your lights, and just listen. Very beautiful, very well produced – this is a pop masterpiece, and I’m sure that we will be hearing more and more of Robert O’Connor in time to come. Pianos dominate this EP, pairing magnificently with O’Connor’s vocals. We can hear his Irish accent throughout, which proves he is true to himself and adds a bit of a personal touch to a very intimate collection of tracks.

This EP is comprised of four full songs, an intro, interlude and an outro. Pretty hefty for an EP, but this just highlights O’Connor’s time and effort poured into this project and his attention to small details. It starts with the ‘Intro’ (obviously), which is a short, atmospheric introduction which sets the pace, the tone, and gets us ready for the experience which is to come. Gorgeous pianos and symbols make for a glittering start to an EP – and leaves the listener questioning when, or if, we will hear O’Connor’s voice for the first time. He waits for this; ‘Destination Anywhere’ is his first full-formed pop song, in which we hear his vocals, layered to perfection over the top of shimmering instruments. Ethereal springs to mind.

Next is ‘Interlude’; another short break to keep us hungry for the rest of the EP. I love these mini songs; it’s not often that we get interludes in EP’s, so this is a breath of fresh air to have O’Connor stepping outside the box and creating a proper listening experience for his audience. ‘Over (Before It’s Begun)’ comes next. This is on the cheesy side, but there’s nothing wrong with that in a pop song! I’m getting dance vibes; drum machines drive the song with a heavy beat in the chorus, giving the track a faster pace. ‘Older’ is another dance heavy tune; catchy melodies make this an earworm you won’t be able to get out.

The last full track, ‘Real Good Fight’ slows the pace slightly, making for a climactic anthem which is the perfect choice to close a flawless EP. I love the harmonies in this one; O’Connor really adds to the beauty of it. ‘Outro’ is a seemingly happy ending, and I got nostalgic vibes from this one. Nice melodies and a tie in to a real listening experience. This EP is an absolute triumph for Robert O’Connor; he delivered on every aspect and went beyond my expectations. A pop sensation, for sure.