Robert O’Connor x Skynem GT – Over (Before It’s Begun)

Lockdown has been a strange time and its affected us all in different ways. For Robert O’Connor it’s given him time to work on his latest single ‘Over (Before Its Begun)’. His third time working with producer Skynem GT and their latest single is pure Ibiza vibes.

Musically this song is a great chill beach dance anthem. Everything in the song gives you that feeling of dancing on a beach somewhere sunny and just enjoying life. Starting with a bit of acoustic guitar before warping into an echoed vocal. The beat is a slow vibe yet will have you moving about and builds up throughout the song.

The music has lots of different things thrown into it, yet all together creates a great sound.

While the music portrays a happy beach feeling of sun, sea and dancing. The lyrics are deep and sing about a type of relationship we’ve all had at some point. The one where we think it’s the ‘one’ but instead it doesn’t go anywhere and you are back to square one.

Whilst it reminds me that I won’t be on the beach on holiday this year, ‘Over (Before Its begun)’ is the perfect summer song to get dance to, and just enjoy life too.

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