ROLE MODEL visited the O2 Ritz in Manchester for the UK leg of his “tourRX” tour.
Hailing from Maine in the US, he was joined by support acts Oliver Malcolm and FLOWEROVLOVE- incredible additions to the evening ahead in the bustling venue.

Arriving a little late, I manage to catch young British up-and-comer FLOWEROVLOVE, with an undeniable likability and an impeccable sense of style she takes the stage like a natural.
Her communication with the crowd is astonishing and offers 4 young fans the chance to come up on stage to receive ‘compliments’ and ‘applause’ from the crowd.

Her fan base already seems incredibly connected and she is definitely one to watch over the coming years.

As Harry Styles and Mcfly blast through the speakers through the interlude, suddenly comes a silence. A pre-recorded message from ROLE MODEL himself urging fans to be both ‘respectful’ and ‘kind’ to one other- a really unique touch for die-hard fans.

Bounding onto the stage, not a moment standing still, Tucker breaks out into well-known hit ‘If Jesus Saves She’s My Type.

He explains he is thrilled to finally be in Manchester ‘Home of The 1975’ from which he says he draws a lot of inspiration.

As he moved from chart toppers to his earlier songs from his EP, fans knew every word and graced the performer with signs and homemade gifts which have come a little bit of a tradition for his shows worldwide.

Jumping down from the stage, close to the barrier, he connects with his fans and encourages them to sing even louder than they have done previously.

From ‘HELLO!’ and ‘Forever and More’- each track seems to be and easy-going, easy listening classic that bridges pop, indie, and a little rap together.

ROLE MODEL is a self-made crowdpleaser who I’m sure will continue playing world tours with a devoted fan base much like the ones we see with heartthrobs like Justin Bieber, The Weeknd and Harry Styles today.

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