Romarni Brytz – Angel

Emerging singer-songwriter Romarni Brytz releases her third single of the year ‘Angel’. A vivid track that crosses through different genres, the track highlights reflective lyrics while engaging with listeners with a smooth vocal tone. An artist that’s emerged during lockdown, all of Romarni’s releases to date have been released while in lockdown. Showcasing that sometimes in the darkest of times, you can find light, Romarni’s music is exactly that. 

Still at the beginning of her career, the maturity within Romarni’s sound is breathtaking. ‘Angel’ highlights the importance of clinging onto hope and appreciating what we can learn from any sort of situation. Romarni Brytz wrote the new track alongside ‘Kasa’, and fuses pop-funk with jazz.

The track feels like it could benefit with a slicker bass line in parts. It grooves with guidance from the vocals, when in fact, the bass sits behind the mix. Bringing the bass slightly more into the limelight, the track could feature a wider sound of warmth. Saying that, the overall songwriting is exceptional. Easy-listening and upbeat, what else do you need for a summer hit?

Illuminating good times with a cocktail in one hand, and a fan in the other, ‘Angel’ is a cheery tune that will certainly put a smile on your face.

Look no further, your ‘Angel’ in disguise is right here.