Rosellas – Common Ground

When a press release declares a band from Manchester as being “A load of guitars in a world full of synth” and as “giving a cheeky nod to the ‘90s”, there’s really only one band that’s going to spring to mind.

Thankfully, any unfounded assumptions about Oasis imitations are soon forgotten where Rosellas are concerned. In fact, the latest single from the Manchester five-piece shares much more in common with the likes of Idlewild or maybe even Doves than anything the Gallaghers ever touched.

In that sense, their new single “Common Ground” does hark back to the ‘90s, but in a much better way than a cynical Mancunian music, journalist could have hoped. Three and a half minutes of rousing indie rock, it’s a far cry from much of the indie that comes out of our city, and is all the better for it.

Eschewing the snarl and swagger that goes hand in hand with a certain brand of indie rock, in favour of something altogether softer, less sleazy but no less effective, “Common Ground” has been a fixture of their live shows for some time now. While it’s easy to see why (the track’s driving chorus is made for packed sweaty rooms), the recorded version feels like a further step up for The Rosellas, elevating the band above many of their Mancunian contemporaries, and feeling like a genuine breath of fresh air within the city’s scene.

Of course, while a “sea of synth” might well be an accurate way to describe at least some of Manchester’s scene, guitar music is very much alive and kicking also, almost to the point of saturation. Thankfully “Common Ground” manages to avoid feeling overly familiar and is instead a welcome addition to the band’s already impressive catalogue.