Røtten Apple – Fire in the Woods

Storming onto the scene back in November 2019 with their debut single ’Fire in the Woods’, the world has simply been Røtten Apple’s oyster ever since. Recorded at Hendrickson Studios in Visalia, California, the single is taken off their debut album ‘Quiet’, which was released worldwide back in late January of this year.

With elements of the 90s in their nostalgic music, the trio are proving that melodic arrangements are always the most fun to listen too. ‘Fire in the Woods’ is a dark yet poetic concept, illustrating the inside of a toxic relationship. 

Fire in the Woods’ lets listeners interpret the relationships for themselves, whether it be an item, a lover or anything in between to relate too. Combining the grunge sound of the 90s mixed with a modern metal/rock twist, the fiery single lets listeners be part of the ride too. Only improvement for the song is that it takes a good minute or so for it to fully get into it’s wide arrangement.

With that in mind, the track feels like it’s split into two sections, first being a soft introduction, whereas the second is a metal-esque arrangement. Having the two separate sections showcases the concept of the number and the downside of a toxic relationship going up in flames. Feeling like the beginning is the calm before ‘the flames arise’, ‘Fire in The Woods’ is an explosive rock wonder from a trio that are offering listeners a great listen.