Ruby Dutch – Listen to the Rain

Those that have listened to Ruby Dutch before will know their signature style of producing atmospheric music with powerful vocals, groovy basslines and psychedelic rhythms. They already have a good range of songs out, showing their variety such as ‘Cold’ which combines their vocals and basslines with heavy riffs, or the softer ‘Try Again’ with its slow beat and underlying funky bass.

However Ruby Dutch’s latest single ‘Listen to the Rain’ strips the music down even further to produce a hauntingly good sound that will takeover your body before unleashing into powerful heavy riffs.

The vocals in ‘Listen to the Rain’ are the key focus as during the first part of the song it is just a slow guitar riff combined the vocals before the drums come in to add weight. Throughout this the vocals carry the song with their strength and pure talent.

That is not to say they are the only good thing as each individual sound plays a key component in this song. The slow high pitched guitar riff helps create an atmospheric sound that grips you and the sprinkling of different riffs show a variety of skills. 

The heavy part at the end brings in explosive riffs and drums however you do lose the powerful vocals that are so prominent throughout the rest of the song.

Listen to the Rain’ is another big step for Ruby Dutch who are continuing to develop their unique sound. Each release brings something new to the table which makes them a very exciting band to listen out for in the future.