Ruby Hive – The Bird Song

Is that the sound of my smacking my lips together because I’ve found a song that is so sugary sweet? You’re damn right it is, and the track in question is delightfully titled ‘The Bird Song’ from London’s Ruby Hive. 

The band say they were formed as a reaction to the melancholy and darkness in the music scene and I can see that clearly with such vibrant and colourful sounds. The Bird Song is quite the uplifting piece with a smooth and engaging vocal delivery from both singers. You get this beautiful male/female vocal balance that screams pop goodness.  

It’s a quirky piece with relaxing guitar chords and softly played percussion. I don’t remember the last time a song like this gave me such a dreamy and positively chilled out experience. Clocking in at 2:50, nothing feels wasted here and finishes at an appropriate moment for me to quickly hit the replay button.  

The song becomes a fuller piece in its outro with further instrumentation breaking through and rounds everything up quite nicely. The combination of indie and pop mix well with each other and provide a sound that’s been missing for a long time, or in one way provide a more easy-going vibe to the alternate pop-punk sound such artists with this approach used to sound like.  

I’ve complimented this song quite a lot and I know this kind of sweet music is good for me.