Ruby Jean Rose – What If

What if you didn’t click on this review today and didn’t listen to Ruby Jean Rose’s new single? We think your day wouldn’t have been as good. Released worldwide May 28th, this Americana based number is bathed in intoxicating indie-folk imagery and a distinctive vocal from Ruby. Instantly recognisable as her own vocal, there’s no other vocalist out there that sounds like Ruby, and that’s 100% a good thing. Finding her niche and throwing herself full throttle into it, this songwriter has certainly found the right style of music for her.

Titled ‘What If‘, the latest single is a reminder of taking every step as it comes and to stop living in the future. The only thing I feel that could have been improved on is the track’s dynamics. It doesn’t fully venture into a bigger arrangement, it continuously stays intimate and in places, vulnerable. It feels like it lacks in rhythm in places and could have been enhanced a lot more with percussion. Saying all that though doesn’t take anything away from the actual songwriting. Poetically beautiful and performed with passion, ‘What If’ still comes across as another strong track from Ruby Jean Rose.

This Brighton born, LA raised songwriter may have been around the world and back again, but she always stays true to her roots.