Ruiz! – Blue Mediterranean

A brand new track from Sheffield artist Ruiz! which is as slick as it is rhythmic. Blue Mediterranean hits you with a wall of sound, before mixing in just the right amount of cheesiness, and you’re left with a sound which feels pretty experimental, but still polished. The guitars grab you from the off, before you are taken on a journey through rough and smooth, leaving you wondering if it was really just one track all that noise was packed into.

Bringing together influences from different ends of the rock spectrum, this track has a bit of everything, from creaking grunge guitars of the ‘90s right through to the floaty indie pop vocal patters of the mid-naughties.

This mixture of vibes that shine through at different moments, some more subtle than others, is unmistakeably a product of his endeavours with previous bands, and it appears he’s bought all these elements together to create a sound which is both fresh but nostalgic.

The real selling point of Blue Mediterranean the way it keeps you gripped from first beat to last. Obviously, the mix of influences and the kooky sounds that this creates is partially responsible for this, but for me, it’s more attributable to the sheer tightness and quality of the playing, something that’s easy to look at with so much going on. It may feel like several sounds rolled into one, but most importantly, the one will have you hooked.