Ryan Nealon – Recovery

In a year where the world has literally stood still, Ryan Nealon releases heartfelt record about growth. A reassuring EP that includes four previously released singles and one new track, ‘Recovery‘ is Ryan’s most personal release to date, and is based off his past trauma. Already accumulating over 1 million streams collectively, the LA based singer-songwriter’s debut EP is coated in electronic pop moments and it’s something you could easily hear in the charts.

Ready to Love Again” enters with an infectious synthesiser, giving the overall track a nostalgic 80s feel. A track that details ready to fall in love again, we’ve all been there, and Ryan describes letting your guard down and trusting someone note-perfectly. “Mistakes” is slightly more melancholic to the first track, and showcases Ryan’s more vulnerable side. A soothing piece of music that lets listeners put themselves into Ryan’s shoes.

Lights Out” is best described as an anthem. A track destined to leave you wanting the closest dance floor to bust your best moves, sadly, your house will have to do for the time being. With the EP describing Ryan’s struggles with empathy, fear of death and learning how to love himself, the EP is entirely relatable. “Paper Town” begins with a gentle glimpse before climbing into a spacious melancholic ambience. Honestly one of the strongest songs on the track from it’s distinctive vocals, somber orchestration and effective chord progression, the simple arrangement is utterly spell-binding.

Title track “Recovery” is Ryan’s most personal track to date. Telling the story of losing his Mother, Ryan’s heart on sleeve lyrics carries the song beautifully and certainly will leave fans across the globe with a box of tissues near them. A real tear-jerker yet a comforting lullaby, the emotive number concludes a sensational EP with ease.