S.A.A.R.A – Forest

Are you into EDM with dashes of delicacy within its arrangement? Well, you’ve come to the right place if so. Even if you’re not a lover of EDM, this hazy number is genre-defying and uses elements of electronic pop, drum and bass, and dance to convey its story.

A staggering release from London based experimental artist S.A.A.R.A, Forestwill break down any expectations you may have already brought to the table.

Mirroring the need for a connection online while feeling detached, the lyrical concept is out of this world. The sort of track that will instantly leave your imagination running wild, the new single is accompanied by a music video that explores the unknown nature of existence. Maybe not technically easy-listening, musically, the track is easy to follow.

Lyrically, the message is serious and somewhat assertive. Production-wise, the instrumentation is fantastic and leaves room for the vocals to breathe. Only thing I wish from the mix is bringing the vocals ever so slightly forward to fully hear the lyrics – they feel somewhat pushed aside sadly.

Saying that this track will provide warmth to your day and comes across as S.A.A.R.A’s finest work so far.