Sabine – How Do You Sleep At Night

Shropshire based singer-songwriter Sabine unveils new ballad “How Do You Sleep At Night“. Entering with an acoustic guitar chord progression that sounds somewhere down the avenues of folk and country, Sabine’s vocals enter to add a bit of Soul to the arrangement. A powerful vocal that instantly captures an artist that means business, “How Do You Sleep At Night” builds with anticipation from start to finish.

Starting quite vulnerable and in places intimate, ‘How Do You Sleep At Night’ changes dynamics yet still comes across as soulful.

Becoming a full band arrangement just a quarter of the way through, Sabine’s Anastasia-esque vocals battle to fight the wall of sound, which makes it feel that the mix isn’t quite right in places. Saying that, the ballad captures the hard-hitting subject with it’s bare hands and never let’s it go.

A track that could easily be performed stripped back as well, “How Do You Sleep At Night’ is utterly addictive. Something you won’t be getting out of your head anytime soon, it’s unforgettable arrangement is built around attitude and most importantly, girl power.

Standing up for what she believes in, Sabine’s songwriting keeps getting stronger with each release.

As for that vocal…. out of this world.