Sadly Dan – Margarita

Boisterous and loud, Sadly Dan’s newest single Margarita is a high energy bop that’ll have everyone dancing.

This is the second track from Sadly Dan and whilst their debut single Savage was more bombastic, Margarita is more down to earth and celebratory. Evoking the feel of a beachside festival, Margarita aims to and succeeds in making a tune that’ll lift the spirits of any party.

The song’s hook is immediately engaging and seamlessly transitions into the upbeat melody that carries the rest of the song.

The instrumentation is also captivating; the percussion solo from Dan Jenkinson is impressive for its speed and variety. You could easily imagine this same beat happening alongside some out of this world tap dancing.

Whilst the lyrics may seem literal and repetitive this ends up acting in the song’s favour, the joyful delivery of the words becomes infectious and even towards the end you’ll still feel compelled to yell out “Margarita-a-a-a-a-a-as”.

Their first track came out in December of last year. With Margarita and another single due to be released later this month, now would be an excellent time to engage with this garage band as they start to make a name for themselves. From the brief taste I’ve had of them so far, I can absolutely say that this a band that’s doing something right, and I can’t wait to see where they take their music next.