WE REVIEW THE NEW SINGLE FROM Saints among us – All on black EP

Saints Among Us describe themselves as a female fronted alternative rock unit hailing from South Yorkshire. Ok, nothing too controversial there. 

I undertook the job of listening to the new E.P. ‘All On Black’ this week and it was a pretty pleasant experience.

The downsides of this EP are firstly that the songs aren’t really very catchy. For reasons only the gods of rock understand, some songs stick with you for hours after listening and I genuinely could not remember any hooks or catchy lines after I had finished listening to this collection of tunes. I also felt that in places the extra instrumentation and pads felt like the synth player was working his way along the presets that were on the keyboard. This I thought resulted a little, in taking away the glue that groups a number of tracks together.

However, I got all the downsides out of the way before I pointed out how excellent a piece of music this truly is. Firstly, from an engineering point of view it is remarkable and very professional. I would be proud if this was my final mix!

From a music listener point of view it is a really powerful and emotive collection of songs. Whilst being original they feel like songs you already know, in a really good way making it easy to listen to. The music reminded me of Linkin Park if they were fronted by a top notch female vocalist instead.  

Ten out of ten from me.