We review the new single from Saints Among Us – Heaven and Hell

Today it be ‘Saints Among Us’ laying their track upon the table of tunes.

A band renown for ‘room-filling synth lines, riffs, vocals and electronics’, this track ‘Heaven and Hell‘ gives an instant nod towards well mixed musicianship, with courage towards creating a sincere musical rollercoaster. If ‘Billie Eilish’, ‘Sophie Ellis-Bexter’ and ‘Lulu’ had a baby you’ll get somewhere near this dynamic lady vocalist.

Sitting alongside crashing drums, cascading guitars and well introduced keys, synths and unexpected drum loops. The message of the track, a discussion with oneself about our aesthetic inadequacies is clearly felt through the track.

There is an essence of ”Dance’, build and drop” but the beats are intelligent and the instruments are real. They say the break down bass driven ending was after too many energy drinks, I say pull the Red Bull Ring-pull!

To put them in a genre, would find them in one which can often be predictable, but the clarity of performance which these have in spades does set them apart. They’re also enviously young!

Honesty and Quality. Like it.