Salvador Mundi – Trouble In Paradise

From art college to making music, two-piece Salvador Mundi combine their love affair with the arts into a surrealistic bluesy rock piece called ‘Trouble In Paradise’.

The Hull-based band’s name derives from artist Salvador Dali and Da Vinci’s ‘Salvator Mundi’ piece. Their slow fuzzy guitars and echoing vocals reminisce that of acts like The Black Keys with a much raunchier edge to their music. With the vocals soaring around the track and the constant drumbeat and guitar lead, it has a wavy 80’s feel which I think the surrealistic music video and artwork colour scheme suits nicely.

The tones of the guitars have a warm touch of psychedelic rock and I think the consistency of drums builds up that anxious euphoria feeling of the genre of waiting for the comedown that’s never coming. Even the outro sees the vocals building up and repeating the title over and over again before all of a sudden coming to stop. Trouble In Paradise jolts you to a sudden stop at the end and the only safe option is to press play again.

Members Alex and Chris have taken the alternative inspiration from their artistic loves and themselves aimed to create an inspiring and alternate music sound that plays on the mind. For a new band it’s a great start and no doubt they will venture more into experimental music as they work on their EP ‘Carousel Cacti’.