sam smith in manchester


Sam smith is no stranger to controversy and their latest tour ‘Gloria’ has already hit a few snags along the way with cancellations and disgruntled fans. As I walked towards the arena, fans in quite spectacular outfits flocked towards the multiple entrances, some adorned in t-shirts of their idol and waving banners. Clearly in Sam Smith’s case there is no such thing as bad press as this sold out show proves.

Support came from Cat Burns, who only a few years ago was busking on the streets of London. The 22 year old singer songwriter found fame on social media platform Tik-Tok, building up an allegiance of fans and supporting some of the biggest stars in the world, from Ed Sheeran (who has also penned songs for Burns, to this evening’s sought after support slot). I can see why Smith asked Burns to support them on this recent tour.

Burns has a beautiful voice, and exceptional vocal range and similarities to Smith as she is clearly inspired by gospel music too.

sam smith in manchester

The build-up for the main event was quite something. In fact, I dare say the build-up to the event, which revealed a giant golden statue of an arse is deserving of a full review and article itself, certainly more impressive than the headliner, who eventually appeared from the giant arsehole looking incredibly pleased with themselves.

Smith launched into ‘Stay With Me’, which to be fair, demonstrated their vocal capacity perfectly and they do have a decent pair of lungs on them , (as did the lady stood to my left, however her vocal capacity was lacking somewhat.)

The first song sort of blurred into the second as Smith started ‘I’m Not the Only One’. I did not actually realise it was a different song.

As Smith descended down the golden arsehole to their third track ‘Like I can’ which in my opinion was the track that was the most impressive vocally, the audience went into hysteria. Smith really does have a hold over their fans, as at every shimmy and cheeky grin, the audience went wild.

So far so good, expensive, extravagant outfit (not dissimilar to a lampshade my nan once had in her front room), the aforementioned giant GOLDEN arsehole, beautiful backing singers, impeccably dressed, and according to Smith after song three, a sold out show at their favourite venue in their favourite city.

Then it was over, before it had even begun. To quote my friend Nina who was in attendance ‘ a waste of a good hair wash’. The lights went out, some assumed a power cut and positive Northern grit and spirit remained, assuming they would return and all would be fine.

They did not return…the house lights came on…and the stage remained empty. The show was over due to vocal issues, and that is all we know at this time….more to follow.

Vocal issues eh? You make your own mind up!

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