Samuriium (featuring Avishek Choudhury) – Silhouette

The emotion created by Silhouette is one of weightlessness. The lightness of the melody creates a sensation of flying through the sky. The song tells the story of a figure living on the fringes of society, not trying to be absent but existing within shadows and hidden in corners.

The imagery of Silhouette adds to this idea of the delicate outsider, things like art and nature that invoke the quiet artist that dwells inside all of us.

Sound wise, Silhouette’s melody is soft and creates the feeling of lightness. In bridges between verses the audio will be shrill and unexpected. This creates dissonance that may leave listeners uneasy, but that feeling is then immediately alleviated as these sounds fade.

Avishek Choudhury’s work on vocals are what stand out to me the most. Whilst the backing melody pops with a variety of sounds, Choudhury seamlessly carries his notes and makes for some of the song’s most enjoyable moments.

Most of Choudhury’s work has been covers of pre-existing songs. But in this original piece he’s able to show that it isn’t just the pre-existing lyrics that engage a listener, and there is a lot of merit to be seen just in Choudhury’s performance.

I find the light-heartedness of Silhouette is what endears me to this song. It’s a gentle examination of what it’s like to be an outsider and a very enjoyable listen.