We review the new single from San Pedro Collective – Time

Mancunian mavericks San Pedro Collective are back with their first release of 2021 – sun-kissed track ‘Time‘ on Blindside Records.

Named after the place poet Charles Bukowski spent his last days – the group feature an ever-evolving blend of the city’s musical legends and talented fresh faces.

On this song there’s Simon ‘Funky Si’ Wolstencroft (The Fall, Ian Brown) on drums, guitar/bass from Keith Higgins, Josh Hall on lead guitar, Justin Leonard keeps the melodic rhythm, while songbird Jasmine Needham and frontman Rikki Turner (Paris Angels, The Hurt) provide vocals.

Previous releases from SPC have tapped into the retro rave days of the Hacienda’s hallowed dancefloor– but ‘Time’ presents a more laid-back vibe. It feels very much Summer-inspired – with fabulously funky guitars, wah-pedal twangs and a crisp snappy drumbeat – there’s a real sun-soaked mellowness to this release.

The sweet and soulful vocals from Needham echo across the bassline groove and flourishing strings as she sings of better days ahead..

This is the beginning of a new time / All I need is time / I just need time”

Her haunting and honeyed words are layered beautifully with Turner coming in on backing vocals.

Paired with a dreamy film video (directed by Ben McNair) we’re treated to a kaleidoscope view of Manchester in the sun. It’s trippy and nostalgic for those long and lazy summer days we’re craving. And in this strange time of lockdowns and restrictions – there’s an optimism to this tune that we could all really do with right now.

???? Credit – Paul Husband