Sand Reckoner – Dunes and Breakwaters

Imagine finding a band that don’t create the same sort of album release each time… look no further. Sand Reckoner last album was entirely psychedelic rock, and now they’re stepping into the world of acoustic folk-pop. Destined to leave a fantastic first impression, Sand Reckoner are advanced musicians that deserve wider recognition.

Sand Reckoner release soothing new EP ‘Petrichor”, which is available worldwide now. “Dunes and Breakwaters” is taken from the new release, and comes across as a healing number that has the power to make waves in the industry.

Entirely acoustic, the band were left in a tricky situation when the pandemic hit, as many outfits across the world did too. With plans to record an electric album in April 2020, Sand Reckoner decided to create a stripped back release

Taken from their latest release, “Dunes and Breakwaters” is like The Beautiful South had a lovechild with Elliott Smith. Mastered by Ed Brooks (Fleet Foxes), the acoustic folk hit is coated with reverberated guitars, angelic piano chords and unforgettable vocals.

Stating that creating music that makes you stop and feel can be the best music around,’Dunes and Breakwaters‘ gives insight into their exceptional new EP. Left wanting more from their iconic sound? Stick Sand Reckoner on shuffle and get lost in their hazy world of hope.